Tianxin District Government has ordered FVASEE all-in-one interactive panel to continuously enhance its credibility

Product used: FVASEE HS-FHY75

Changsha City’s Tianxin District Government adheres to the tenet of “open government affairs, serving the people, eliminating worries for the people, and doing practical things for the people”.

In order to keep pace with the times, continuously enhance the government’s credibility and execution, and improve service quality in order to speed up the construction of a rule-of-law government and a service-oriented government, have ordered FVASEE commercial conference All-in-One interactive panel has been introduced.

FVASEE all-in-one commercial conference machine adopts the currently very mature infrared screen touch technology, which can simplify the office meeting process. It only needs to tap on the screen with a finger or a touch pen to quickly and accurately issue operating instructions. The built-in electronic whiteboard software, quick annotation and quick QR code generation and sharing functions have greatly improved the work efficiency and service quality of the Changsha Tianxin District Government.

As a leader in the global audio-visual industry, FVASEE has always brought its high-quality products to the public. In the future, FVASEE will continue to develop smart displays and create new records in the industry.

FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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