Bus Screen for Digital Signage

Bus screen, also known as car TV, is a service project that enriches the entertainment and cultural life in the car as the main body, supplemented by advertising. In such a large car, many people will feel boring, but with bus screen, they will feel interesting.

Digital signage screens at Full HD screen resolution for Buses, Cars, Taxis or any other vehicle. Can be mounted on the ceiling or against the wall.


General function introduction of bus interior screen:
1, Timing automatic switch.
The advertising screen is set to automatically switch on and off, and it can automatically start working in the set time period and play the corresponding advertising content. This can play a role in reducing maintenance costs. When the bus stops running, the advertising screen will automatically shut down, which can save power resources at the same time.

2. Supports playing a variety of ad formats.
The form of advertising is not single, but various. Generally, conventional advertisements are mainly composed of pictures, sounds and videos. Correspondingly, the bus advertising digital signage naturally needs to support these conventional formats. The bus advertising device equipment provided by FVASEE can perfectly support the playback of several common formats.

3. It can be operated remotely.
In the actual use of the bus, it may not be possible to change the broadcast content of the advertising machine in time. The remote control method allows the administrator to remotely control the advertisement content and playback frequency without directly operating the device to update the content, which greatly saves management costs.

The bus screen equipment provided by FVASEE has considerable advantages in function. In addition to the above-mentioned highlights, it also covers various conventional functions. FVASEE factory provides a variety of models and equipment for users to choose from, and can also be customized according to the different needs of users.

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