FVASEE all-in-one Interactive screen helps Henan Jianhao Engineering Consulting Company to create a perfect visual experience

Product used: FVASEE HS-FHY86 interactive screen

Henan Jianhao Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing whole-process, all-round, comprehensive and menu-based engineering consulting services for owners, society and the government. In the face of the increasingly fierce market competition, Henan Jianhao is constantly developing and innovating, so it has introduced FVASEE HS-FHY86 interactive screen to serve the owners wholeheartedly, contribute to the society, make the owners satisfied and at ease, insist on the urgency of customers, and think what customers want.


FVASEE touch all-in-one screen covers the functions required in the three conference scenarios of writing, presentation and collaboration, breaking the cumbersome constraints of traditional conferences. Relying on the built-in remote video conferencing software of the FVASEE touch all-in-one computer, Henan Jianhao can better establish a good service awareness and work style, and also provide the owner with a comprehensive management of the whole process of the construction project. Since then, Henan Jianhao’s customers have been more satisfied with their services.

In the field of interactive displays, FVASEE has never forgotten its original intention and is committed to providing better and more advantageous touch experience and interactive solutions. Choose FVASEE, choose a better future.

FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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