FVASEE Commercial Display Yunnan Radio and Television Video Wall Upgrade Project

With the rapid development of the Internet and information technology, the information dissemination forms and media dissemination methods of the traditional radio and television media industry are also undergoing profound changes. In order to thoroughly implement the relevant opinions and requirements of the central government on promoting the integration and development of traditional media and information technology, LUFENG TV, a subsidiary of Yunnan Radio and Television, joined hands with FVASEE Commercial Display to build a “digital publicity platform” to help LUFENG TV achieve a digital image upgrade.


Relying on rich industry experience, FVASEE Commercial Display adopts the hydraulic front maintenance wall-mounted installation method in this digital upgrade plan according to the construction conditions and space size of the TV hall site. While ensuring the ingenious “integration” of the splicing giant screen and the hall environment, it can effectively reduce the installation cost and construction time. Simultaneously equipped with the self-developed CMS information release system, it also provides great convenience for users’ daily operation and maintenance.

Construction and debugging of seamless splicing screen…..

HD display

Image display “new business card”

FVASEE Commercial Display used 12 LCD splicing screens 75INCH screen module in the process of upgrading the hall’s “digital publicity platform”, and built a 3-row * 4-column splicing giant screen in a horizontal arrangement, which saved space and maintained Beautiful effect. The Smart Color intelligent color adjustment function of the LCD splicing screen 75INCH screen module can automatically adjust the color and brightness differences between the splicing screens; with the help of advanced LED backlight technology, it can achieve uniform light distribution, prolong service life and save maintenance costs; 1920×1080 high High resolution, vividly restore the gorgeous picture quality, and easily realize the flexible and delicate display of pictures, text and images. Effectively enhance the brand image of TV stations and give users an immersive scene experience.

Flexible deployment

Smart Radio and Television “New Window”

In addition to the improvement of hardware, FVASEE Commercial Display is also equipped with a powerful CMS information release system for the project. The stable and efficient application architecture and simple and easy-to-understand operation process allow users to synchronously manage the published content of each screen during daily operations, so as to realize the true, fast and effective transmission of information; on the other hand, through remote terminal monitoring Function, can monitor the working status of each device in real time, monitor the screen at any time, and issue remote control commands such as restart and tuning, which can effectively save manpower and time costs; The operator of the TV station provides a unified and systematic overall solution.

FVASEE Shangxian adheres to the brand concept of “innovation for you”, relying on years of technology accumulation and its own research and development advantages, and has truly achieved what users want and what users need in various industrial application fields. In the future, FVASEE Commercial Display will make persistent efforts, constantly encourage itself, strive for perfection, and create innovative and customized commercial display system solutions for more users.


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