NIO EP9 Car Show room digital signage & video wall

Upgrade the car-buying experience

Buying a car is an important and expensive purchase. Customers need to be confident that they’ve found the right car and the right deal, or they will keep on looking.

Digital signage can be used to support car dealerships’ sales staff. It can give information to buyers at the right time in a way that doesn’t feel pressurised and is easy to understand.

We help automotive businesses to use digital signage to showcase their product information, and upgrade/service packages more effectively.

We offer a range of digital signage solutions for the automotive industry. These include:

  • Window displays and outdoor digital signage to attract attention from passing traffic and footfall
  • LED walls and video walls to attract attention, showcase promotional content and servicing/finance offers
  • Instant control over digital signage content to facilitate customer conversations by showing relevant info
  • Touch screen to show detailed product info or act as a forecourt assistant
  • Digital signage screens to give info within the showroom or entertain waiting customers


NIO is a global smart electric vehicle company established in November 2014. NIO is committed to creating a pleasant lifestyle for users by providing high-performance smart electric vehicles and the ultimate user experience.

The NIO EP9 is an electric supercar produced by NIO.
The Weilai EP9 is equipped with 4 high-performance motors and 4 independent gearboxes, which can output 1,360 horsepower, 0-200 km acceleration in 7.1 seconds, and a top speed of 313KPH. The EP9 adopts a magazine-type replaceable battery system, which can be fully charged in 45 minutes in fast charging mode, and the cruising range can reach 427 kilometers.

The video wall of NIO exhibition hall is made of 12 75-inch display units seamlessly spliced, which improves the customer experience.

Customers can interact with the touch screen to learn the detailed performance of NIO ep9

The TV wall in the elevator room broadcasts the commercials of NIO cars in a loop to deepen the customer’s impression





FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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