FVASEE All-in-One interactive panel helps Shenzhen Library to create smart conferences

Product used: FVASEE HS-FHY75


In the fast-developing smart technology track, FVASEE corporate series interactive display panel is not only a participant, but also an important force in promoting the upgrading of the industry. With the help of the FVASEE Conference Flat Panel HS-FHY75,Shenzhen Library has carried out a perfect upgrade of smart office and smart conference.

Thanks to the intelligent writing function, participants can annotate at any time through the HS-FHY75, which makes the key information of the meeting more clear at a glance. The work pressure of meeting minutes makes the participants more focused on the content of the meeting, which further promotes the efficiency of collaborative work, and the effect of remote video conferences is also more guaranteed.


As a leading professional touch digital display manufacturer in China, FVASEE will continue to keep pace with the times, develop more commercial smart products, and continue to empower smart business displays.



FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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