FVASEE Conference Interactive Panel Helps American Advertising Company’s Smart Conference Room Project Build

Product used: FVASEE HS-FHY75 smart board


In recent years, smart conference rooms have become the target of conference rooms pursued by major enterprises, because it has the advantages of simple and easy operation, technology display, collaborative office, and remote meetings. The construction of intelligent conference rooms can not only enhance the image of the enterprise, but also improve the meeting efficiency of the enterprise. The American advertising company has upgraded the company’s conference room with the FVASEE HS-FHY75 smart board.



FVASEE HS-FHY75 smart board adopts A-class 4K resolution high-definition large screen and up to 40-point infrared touch screen technology. Unique built-in electronic whiteboard and remote video conferencing software enable the same screen to cross geographical barriers, no matter where you are. Supports wireless two-way touch, and can connect up to 8 devices on the screen at the same time.


With the help of FVASEE, the quality and experience of office meetings of American advertising companies have been greatly improved. As an expert in interactive touch screen solutions for more than ten years,FVASEE will continue to live up to expectations and will continue to cultivate in the field of interactive display screens.

FVASEE - Interactive Touch Screen Display Solution
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