Airport Digital Signage Solution

Create powerful passenger experiences and transform the transportation hub through smart transportation digital signage solutions



Create an intelligent, cohesive digital communication network, helping the passenger experience from curbside check-in to the gate.real-time, engaging visual content updates on transportation digital signage


Understand the full passenger journey using sensor technology to learn about patterns, preferences and behaviors of all airport visitors and employees with the help of airport digital signage


Increase sales and passenger satisfaction by promoting amenities and concessions or offering fun, interactive activities in areas with extended dwell time

From curbside check-in to dwell time at the gate, enhance the passenger experience with marketing technology and transportation digital signage that drives dynamic messaging, interactive experiences, convenience and personalization. Transportation digital signage creates new opportunities to proactively inform, entertain and prepare passengers for their journey throughout the terminal, with real-time digital signage updates such as flight status, time-to-gate estimations, security information and current weather conditions at their desired destination.

Easily display and change out promotions and advertisements using transportation digital signage. Whether you wish to showcase local events or charitable causes, passengers will have something interesting to look at besides flight schedules and terminal directions. Passengers with extended layovers may appreciate content directing them to local attractions near the airport — not everyone wants to sit inside the airport for eight hours. This is an easy way to give them options while they wait and promote local businesses and activities.

As for flight schedules and terminal directions, you can display an easy-to-read schedule of vital transportation information such as arrival/departure times, delays and cancellations. This type of content will roll out seamlessly, keeping travelers up to date on their current transportation situation.

Display interactive terminal maps to help passengers pinpoint where they are located in the terminal and where they need to be. From airports to bus terminals, these innovative signage solutions can benefit spaces across the transportation industry.

Airport Digital Signage

Transportation digital signage technology allows airports of all sizes to display messages in multiple languages based upon originating and destination cities of travel. Whether a small municipal airport in a remote region or an international airport hub, airport digital signage will help to make travel more efficient by keeping passengers informed.
Next train countdowns and average wait times for popular services such as Uber or Lyft will make guiding your passengers to and from the airport as simple as guiding them to their gate. Passengers who have just arrived will be able to find their way out to the baggage claim area easily, and then they can quickly move on to catching a ride to their final destination. Digital displays cut down on confusion and streamline the travel process for everyone at the airport.

The building automation system data can also be utilized to provide instructions to passengers for managing service outages such as elevators or escalators. This can prevent a buildup of traffic in one spot and divert passengers to the next working escalator or elevator.
Airport digital signage also helps to create a simpler way for passengers to quickly locate their gate and time for arrival or departure in even the busiest of airports. FIDS displays highlight flights in a color of the passengers choice resulting in less time spent searching and more time spent traveling. Passengers can then make their way to their desired gate, or they can explore concessions in their terminal if they have extra time.

Transportation digital signage isn’t just limited to displaying travel information. Advertisements for retail stores or restaurants inside the airport can be displayed on any screen, driving travelers into those businesses during layover times. Stores can take advantage of this feature to advertise new products such as tech gadgets or the latest best-selling book. Similarly, restaurants can display any special deals or promotions they are currently running such as a free donut with the purchase of a large coffee. .Show retail or restaurant promotions near their correlating store or product. For instance, if a store is running a special on travel mugs or neck pillows, this promotion can be programmed to appear on the digital display nearest to that retail store.

Using airport digital signage to promote the local commerce inside the airport will boost sales and keep passengers engaged during their waiting times. This system also has the benefit of providing valuable insights about the responsiveness of passengers by using real-time analytics and behaviors to determine the effectiveness of promotions and ads. This type of data informs marketing teams so they can adjust advertising efforts to suit what travelers respond well to. Content can be changed quickly to better serve the guests inside the airport.

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