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Digital signage is fast becoming the new normal for many indoor and outdoor applications. It’s simple, with easy-to-learn software where even a person with no special skills can quickly create and change content before publishing to one or more screens. Whatever your digital signage needs and budget, you’ll find your solution at FVASEE, from simple plug and play solutions to advanced networked touchscreen displays.

Using Digital Signage in Different Industries

1. Retail

Interactive screens catch consumer attention in a way that traditional signage cannot, and statistics show that 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store due to digital signage. This technology also allows retailers to repurpose their social media content in the form of in-store advertisements that support their social media presence and drive sales. Brick-and-mortar stores are leveraging this signage to support their visual merchandising efforts and cultivate an engaging experience that consumers cannot replicate with online shopping.

2. Hospital

digital signage hospital

In a general hospitals, clinics and medical centers, Digital Signage improves the patients’ experience, communicates with employees and facilitates internal management. Digital signage solution for hospital Streamline patient handling by Queue Management and improve your patient’s experience, build community and empower your staff. Directories and wayfinding systems guide users through the corridors of a hospital.

Engaging digitial signage can elevate the guests experience. Hotels using the right digital signage solutions reach a broader audience while build enhanced brand recognition and guest loyalty. Hotel signage can interactively guide guests to attractions, events and amenities. You can promote specials and sales at onsite restaurants, shops and commonly used spaces. You make digital interactions with your guests through hotel digital signage and entertain them at the same time.

3. Educational Institutions

FVASEE provide both the hardware and software for a robust digital signage system for all schools over the world. FVASEE allows school administrators and staff to manage their digital signs from a computer via a simple web interface anywhere in the world. Schools can also schedule content in advance, monitor the display status of their digital signs, and keep their digital signs update to date with the latest firmware. Be it a classroom tool for teachers or a way to disseminate information rapidly, the variety of benefits schools can enjoy courtesy of digital signage solutions varies by the level of need and adoption.

4. Government Organizations

In government agencies, digital signage has the power to enhance the public perception of the organization while supporting core values. Public perception drastically impacts how individuals respond to government offices and services. FVASEE offers a practical queuing and self service solutions to optimize service operations, connect visitors to the right service representative and set new levels of customer satisfaction.

5. Public Transport

Public transports such as trains, buses, and other passenger vehicles offer tremendous media opportunities. FVASEE is used to power digital signage screens, interactive kiosks, video walls and billboards in a huge variety of locations such as railway stations, bus stops, bus stations, on trains, on buses, in private-hire taxi companies and in airports etc.

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