Maintenance of LED advertising machine

LED advertising machines are now widely used in various industries. Its components can be divided into electronic circuits and computer control panels. The appearance of the display screen broadcasts a lot of dynamic information, and some types can also support touch. As an electronic device, the LED advertising machine has a certain number of years. In order to increase the life of the advertising machine very well, to ensure the normal use of the advertising machine in work. The following are professional maintenance methods and suggestions provided by commercial display solution provider FVASEE:


  1. Pay attention to the maintenance of skills. Electronic equipment often has electrostatic appearance, and advertising machines are no exception. Static electricity will cause dust in the air to adhere to the advertising machine, so it must be cleaned properly. Do not use a damp cloth when cleaning, the wet material not only has a poor cleaning effect but also may cause the circuit to be wet, so the maintenance of LED advertising machine should pay attention to technical skills.


  1. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body. The use of the LED advertising machine body itself has a certain period of time. The switch of the body will cause certain damage to the advertising machine. Repeated switching will only cause damage to the electronic components of the screen, which will naturally affect the use of the advertising machine and affect its performance. lifespan.


  1. Pay attention to clean maintenance. Adhere to the habit of cleaning the advertising machine regularly. You can use a damp cloth to clean the LCD screen. Be careful not to use a damp cloth with too much moisture to prevent moisture from entering the screen and causing short circuit inside the LCD. It is recommended to use soft scrubbing objects such as glasses cloth and lens paper to scrub the LCD screen. Prevent unnecessary scratches to the advertising machine screen.


  1. Pay attention to the maintenance of environmental elements. The operating environment of the advertising machine will directly affect the use and life of the advertising machine. If the light is too bright, or even direct light, on the one hand, it will affect the visual communication of the advertising machine, and on the other hand, the direct exposure will damage the electronic components of the screen.

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