Something you may know about FVASEE wall-mounted advertising machine

Today, compared with TV sets, FVASEE advertising machines can bring intuitive visual impact to consumers, and the effect is very good. Let us understand the advantages, installation steps and precautions of FVASEE wall-mounted LCD advertising machine.

Advantages of FVASEE wall-mounted advertising machine:

  • Built-in video playback and sound system, connect the power supply to automatically loop playback, no manual operation, simple function control operation, equipped with a business card remote control.
  • Shell material: hardware shell plus acrylic panel to protect LCD screen, equipped with wall-mounted board;
  • An ultra-thin and highly transparent acrylic glass protective layer is installed on the surface of the LCD screen to protect the LCD screen from artificial damage;
  • The appearance of the product is neat, the hardware structure is difficult to deform, the coating process does not rust, the compactness is strong, there is no large gap, and the overall appearance is beautiful and sturdy;
  • Adopt LCD screen type grade: Sharp. Samsung. LG.AU. Chimei and other brand LCD screens, A-level 335 standard, new original packaging screen;
  • Color: generally black. If there is a bulk order, the color and silk OGO can be customized for free upon request;

Precautions when installing FVASEE wall-mounted advertising machine: 

  1. Open the package, take out the advertising machine, and put it on the desktop or other safe place.
  2. Take out the key and open the baffle below the advertising machine;
  3. Use a tool to unscrew the screw under the open baffle, put it aside, and remove the wall hanging on the back;
  4. Drill holes in the wall with an electric drill, and hang the wall on the wall with a screwdriver;
  5. Fix the wall-mounted advertising machine on the wall-mounted board;
  6. Tighten the screws that were removed before, lock the baffle, and plug in the power supply.

FVASEE wall-mounted advertising machine should pay attention to:


  1. Wall: Wall-mounted installation has strict requirements on the firmness of the wall, check whether the cement structure of the wall is firm.
  2. Environment: The installation environment should not be humid, and it should not be placed in a humid environment for a long time. If the installation position is too close to moisture, the advertising machine will be damaged.
  3. Avoid strong electromagnetic field objects: try to avoid the influence of strong electricity and strong electromagnetic field objects.

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