The reason why you choose Interactive Flat Panel

The reason why you choose Interactive Flat Panel

In 2011, large format interactive flat panel display (IFPD) display became a new choice in education and business market. These flat panel TVs have many advantages. First, teachers have gained more functions in developing and providing influential courses. It staff can reduce maintenance. IFPD has a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and is very popular among managers.
Improvement of interactive whiteboard Technology
IFPD display is a all in one classroom solution with many advantages and many advantages. First of all, IFPD is a multifunctional media center with embedded processor and web browser. In addition, they are high-definition displays. Finally, they provide multiple interaction points and are as easy to use as a tablet or smartphone.
Costs and administrative benefits
Compared with the projector based interactive whiteboard, IFPD is simpler and easier to manage. This makes them more cost-effective than traditional IWB. Any type of interactive whiteboard can improve the learning effect. The all in one IFPD solution provides the following additional classroom benefits: Maximize teaching time; no downtime due to bulb burn out or recalibration
Easy cart installation for resource sharing without recalibration. Multi functional teaching tools, seamless use of cloud resources. Enhance collaboration with multiple touch points and annotate the ability to display content.
Amazing HD vision – even in a well lit room
The resolution of the board is 4K, which makes the content vivid. Thanks to high brightness, excellent visual effects can be ensured in a well lit room. Simple, no projector function eliminates shadows and glare. The FVASEE even looks good when it’s not in use. Its ergonomic design is eye-catching, with rounded corners and a reinforced glass cover without reflection.
Advanced touch function promotes team interaction
Involve more students in 20 simultaneous touch points. A stylus or a finger, it’s their choice. Write, draw, or highlight above anything displayed. FVASEE are designed to provide a consistent, smooth, soft and responsive touch experience. 

The use of interactive flat panel in education and business

Interactive flat panel are revolutionizing the way we teaching, training and speaking. Interactive technology enables you to present and capture all the content of a training or teaching course in real time.The interactive touch screen can be connected to a PC, laptop or Mac and display your presentation on a 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 inch, 85 inch, 86 inch or 98 inch LCD or LED panel. When you open an application, browse the web, type information using a virtual keyboard, add comments above the displayed information, or use existing interactive whiteboard software, your audience will be fascinated.
FVASEE brings educational technology to students without letting the technology get in the way of their learning.It is specifically designed for education, both teachers and students can experience the smooth effects of touch screens in the classroom. The screen can also double as an interactive whiteboard by its ultimate versatility to take notes, draw diagrams, insert images, etc. Teacher-friendly features such as comprehensive Internet access and simple connections allow  starting teaching directly from the box. FStouch can be operated from an internal PC without connecting cables and installing software .
FVASEE interactive flat panel brings the modern workspace to life. It is easy to use present ideas and collaborate effectively with colleagues. The excellent video conference solution become more and more popular nowadays. The combination of interactive smart board and camera, microphone as well as IN&JOIN video conference software make the conference easier and effective. Built without compromise, the durable and highly versatile interactive flat panel can be used in a wide variety of applications including classrooms, conference rooms, lecture hall and so on.

Interactive flat panels vs. Interactive whiteboards

Pressure on school budgets means spending on high-value projects will be subject to more and more scrutiny. Educational technology has a wide range of choices, and it is important to ensure that the right hardware is in front of the classroom, which is an essential element of effective school design. Each individual setting requires a customized decision, and choosing the right board may depend on many factors. This short guide helps avoid making a choice between interactive whiteboard and interactive touch screen, ensuring that the right device is installed in the right space.
Functionality and availability
The most important aspect of these two systems is functionality. There is little difference in the goals of the two different technologies. Both sides want to involve students in learning, engage them in the content of the course and encourage interaction with the subject matter. FVASEE and HSCHN are designed to promote personalized learning. In contrast, interactive flat panels have capacitive surfaces. It means that the screen relies on the electrical charge of the human skin to establish a connection between the human and the computer. Instead of using a whiteboard specific pen, just point and poke open the surface to take advantage of the interactive feature. 
One of the great advantages of interactive touch screen over interactive whiteboard is its self calibration ability. The accuracy of the interactive whiteboard can only reach the accuracy of its last calibration, which is good if you can ensure that the projector will not be knocked or shaken, but when installed in a vulnerable position, routine calibration can be very annoying.
Hardware and software support
It is important to ensure that the supporting technology is compatible with the final selected board. Both boards have a large number of theme specific plug-ins and accessories, so check what hardware and software people who use these boards expect to use.
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