What are the development advantages of the conference integrated machine?

Conference all-in-one machine is also known as the intelligent conference tablet, some people called the conference touch all-in-one machine.With the development of Internet technology, the conference all-in-one machine into intelligent office mechanical equipment, because its function can replace many mechanical equipment widely exist in the conference room, it has intelligent human-computer interaction, clear display, touch writing, wireless screen, remote video conference and other rich functions, completely changed the traditional meeting way and way.So what are the development advantages of the conference integrated machine?

What are the development advantages of the all-in-one conference machines:

  1. Compared with the traditional projector or electronic whiteboard, the display of the all-in-one conference machine is even better. It uses the high-definition large-screen LCD panel, with high resolution, exquisite and smooth picture quality, and pure and natural colors. The details are well handled, even in the high brightness environment, the picture is clear without difference.
  2. Handwriting conference all-in-one machine generally supports infrared touch. It can directly use a writing pen or finger, and some can even meet the needs of many people writing at the same time.Touch the screen gently and write as you want. erase. zoom. Mobile content, instant reply, accurate and quick reply.
  3. With the help of the corresponding hardware, the all-in-one conference machine can be used in real time. No delay free. High and stable transmission of the meeting instant scene, to achieve the remote face-to-face meeting, so that the remote meeting is also like a room.
  4. Multi-screen interactive conference all-in-one machine can realize wireless screen projection without using data cable, and conference tablet can and tablet computer. Smartphones realize multi-screen interaction, convenient mutual files, more convenient meetings.
  5. After the meeting, the documents need to be modified or approved. They can be saved after saving the files on the all-in-one machine, generate the QR code, gently scan it with the mobile phone, and save it to the mobile terminal synchronously, or send the meeting content to the email box.
  6. One-click screen capture whether using the all-in-one conference machine to explain the annotation PPT.PDF. table. When reading text or browsing the web page, you can use a screenshot tool to capture important content, save pictures, and send them to a personal email with one key to timely deliver business information.
  7. At present, the sizes of the all-in-one conference machines on the market range from 55 inches to 98 inches, and a variety of sizes can be selected to meet the use needs of different sizes.

The above content is what introduce the development advantages of conference all-in-one machine, conference all-in-one projector, electronic whiteboard, curtain, speakers, TV, computer and other conference room office equipment in one, at the same time, its high definition, high brightness, high contrast display characteristics to solve the traditional projector equipment on display effect on the lack of light and restrictions.In addition, the all-in-one conference machine can also realize the real-time transmission of conference live audio and video and screen writing content, perfectly displaying the application scene charm of remote video conferencing.

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