Common faults and solutions of LCD splicing screen

With the growth of enterprises and the continuous acceleration of the process of informative equipment and equipment, LCD splicing screens are more and more widely used in major industries. As a representative of the thinner and narrower edge solution, wider viewing angle and higher quietness of LCD splicing screen, DID LCD splicing screen is naturally widely promoted by shopping malls, so it is widely used in security monitoring and information release display systems in all walks of life As well as the LCD monitor in the field of transaction rental, etc. Next, we will analyze the common obstacles in the use of DID LCD splicing screens and provide solutions for DID LCD splicing screens for readers.


Section 1. How to remove common external obstruction symptoms of DID LCD splicing screen ?


  1. Owe power, black screen:


(1) When the lag shows the above symptoms, first check whether the power plug, socket, and wiring are loose, and whether the switch (OSD button or remote control) is open;

(2) If the board is equipped with a timer, you need to check whether the red indicator light and the green indicator light of the timer are lit together. If only the red indicator light is on and the green indicator light is not on, it is probably the clock setting title. The clock setting needs to be accurate, (please refer to the instruction manual for an overview) the obstruction can be eliminated;

(3) If the software is punctual, check whether the clock setting in the software is accurate (see the instruction manual for an overview).


  1. Picture without sound


See if the sound is set to minimum or mute mode, and set the volume mode from scratch. (For an overview, please refer to the instruction manual.) If it is offline and there is no sound, first check whether the external sound line is damaged and whether the connection is accurate.


  1. Does not read CF card


If the file in the CF card is inaccurately created, create the LOOP file from scratch; if it is encrypted, it needs to be encrypted and declared (for details, please refer to the instruction manual)


  1. If the above methods cannot remove your obstruction, you can refer to the method for removing internal obstruction symptoms in section 2.



Section 2. How to remove common internal obstruction symptoms of DID LCD splicing screen:


  1. Lack of power supply (black screen): It is probably because the built-in power supply is bad or the internal drive board is bad; troubleshooting method: check whether the power output is normal. If the power supply has no output, it can be admitted that the power supply is bad. bad.


  1. The screen is cluttered: If the LCD screen shows a certain area that is not reflected or very reflected; Troubleshooting method: Check whether the signal transmission line inserted on the LCD screen shows signs of loosening and other signs, resulting in poor communication. The cable is inserted tightly and firmly, and check whether the title is handled; if there is no such environment, the LCD screen is probably defective.


  1. Dark screen (no display on the screen, splash screen): When the LCD screen is constantly in a black screen, dark screen, splash screen and other environments during the broadcast and confession, it is called a dark screen. Removal method: Check whether the output of the power supply is normal. If the output voltage of the power supply is unstable (the voltage value does not reach 11~12V), it can be recognized that the power supply is not good. If the output of the power supply is normal, it is necessary to exchange the drive board and inverter one by one until the obstacle is removed. .


  1. If the card is not read, if the external obstacle does not exist, the decoding board (integrated board) needs to be exchanged.


  1. No signal: When the power is turned on, the screen shows no signal and other words, which is called no signal. Removal method: Check whether the internal video cable and the 5V power cable input to the decoder board are loose. If there is no such phenomenon, you need to replace the decoder board or driver board. After the exchange, check whether the obstacle is lost.


  1. After the power is turned on, the screen will automatically display red, green, blue and other pictures in a cycle. The removal method: the signal line is loose or the driver board is defective.


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