How much size is appropriate for small and large conference rooms?

How much size is appropriate for the conference room?Depending on the number of people and the size of the meeting room, you can probably determine the size of the meeting tablet. Here are some suggestions:

Small Meeting Rooms at 10-15

Suitable for 4-6 people

Recommended 55-inch conference tablet, the price is relatively low, suitable for small and micro enterprises and small conference rooms, the first purchase is recommended to buy 65 inches or above.

Medium-sized meeting rooms at the 15-40

Suitable for using between 8-15 people

Recommended 65 inch or 75 inch conference tablet, the mainstream size, the price is relatively moderate, is also a more concentrated range of brands, many choices, the price from cost performance to high-end.

Large conference rooms at the 40-80

Suitable for using from 30-40 people

Recommended 86-inch conference tablet, 98-inch conference tablet above conference tablet, large size conference tablet can meet the demand of multiple people to display, but the price will also increase significantly, suitable for reflecting the strength of the enterprise.The current mainstream approach is to use 55 / 65-inch conference tablets with a large LED and TV for lower cost and similar features.

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