What is the wireless screen projection function of the conference all-in-one machine?

The all-in-one conference machine is mainly faced by the enterprise office, enterprise meeting or discussion, communication line meeting.Product appearance: Intelligent conference touch all-in-one machine appearance is a bit like a LCD advertising machine, through the large size intelligent conference flat panel displays various content, with touch function, can realize touch operation, and with attached accessories, to solve the needs of multiple people in the meeting.

Intelligent conference touch all-in-one function: it should have three functional modules, namely 1, wireless screen projection 2, convenient writing 3, video conference wireless transmission screen.

Intelligent conference tablet configuration wireless screen projection, get rid of the shackles of projection screen cable.

  1. The source of projection is laptop computers, and in the era of mobile Internet, people need to share content in large screen projection, not only from laptops, a lot of information also comes from personal smart phones, whether iphone or mobile phones.
  2. At the same time, it can also reverse touch the laptop traditional projector cable projection. People must stay in front of the computer to operate the computer. The reverse touch operation makes the keynote speaker free to play and perform more freely.

Writing is an important link in the meeting, from the traditional water-based pen whiteboard to intelligent whiteboard, and whiteboard, unlike previous intelligent meeting touch all-in-one machine is more convenient, general touch all-in-one machine, although there are writing, but the experience compared to traditional writing much worse, mainly reflected in the writing delay feeling long, complex operation.Although a lot of features are added, but the basic requirements are lost.Smart conference tablets need to meet:

  1. Low latency writing experience. Without low latency writing, the intelligent conference tablet is out of the question.
  2. After passing the screen, you can reverse control the laptop on the large screen, and call the whiteboard tool to conduct the screen annotation, with a more convenient gesture erase function.
  3. The preservation and sharing of the meeting content can be taken away by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone.

The writing function of the all-in-one conference machine not only meets the above requirements, but also provides intelligent pen accessories, making writing and display easier.With the rapid development of the Internet, remote video conferencing has gradually become the mainstream.Smart conferencing tablets must support remote video conferencing features.The advantages of intelligent conference machine: in the company image display, product introduction, staff training and teaching, its high definition display solves the problem of the projector cast light glare, and need not turn off the lights, without closing the curtain and other multifarious, no blind spot completely touch, full interaction, and multimedia display, make the meeting lively and interesting.Through the Internet network system, the data and international data connectivity, make the meeting content more informative credible, greatly improve the appeal and effect of the meeting, let the meeting hosted and company leadership to better achieve the purpose of the meeting, facilitate the company leadership analysis of the meeting and the participants of the initiative, interactive, fatigue analysis.In addition to the powerful function, the conference training all-in-one machine features both light and light appearance, convenient movement, hanging on the ground mobile bracket, a person can push it in the conference room, between the office at any time, or fixed on the wall, do not occupy the extra space, a one-key switch machine usually do not need special personnel to maintain.

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