What’s the difference between conference all-in-one and teaching machine?

Driven by the development of science and technology and the market demand, the all-in-one conference machine is constantly popularized, moving from the office field to the education field, so it has also attracted a large number of customers to watch and consult.And with the education all-in-one machine and conference machine in education, conference, training, government, government, enterprise, business, many people have questions, in many cases, some people will put the conference all-in-one machine and education machine, tell what is the difference between the two, and even some people will treat both as a kind of equipment.So what’s the difference between a conference machine and an all-in-one teaching machine?The following China vision great industry xiaobian to introduce to you.

What is the difference between all-in-one conference machine and all-in-one teaching machine:

  1. Different appearance design

The all-in-one teaching machine adopts cartoon color modeling, which attracts the attention of children at a glance and stimulates their curiosity and creativity. Application in preschool education can complement each other.

The appearance of the conference all-in-one machine is silver gray, four-side design, in line with the image positioning of the government and enterprise business conference, the atmosphere is simple.

  1. Different hardware configuration

The all-in-one teaching machine is mainly considered for teaching scenarios, so its body is built-in windows system. In order to make it more convenient for teachers to teach and prepare lessons, it can install a variety of teaching software, which is equivalent to a large-size computer with touch control function.

Meeting all-in-one machine carrying the android system, is equivalent to a large tablet, that is, can be understood as a enlarged Ipad, easy, can meet the basic requirements of the meeting, realize easy office, and also can buy OPS module, matching windows system, meet the requirements of professional conference video or windows system application (general meeting tablet for double system).

  1. Different application scenarios

The all-in-one teaching machine is mainly aimed at the education field. Therefore, it is generally seen in classrooms, training rooms, or educational and training institutions.

Conference all-in-one machine is called the industry meeting artifact, equipment with its name, it is specifically for the meeting scene and launched products, for the enterprise internal can improve meeting efficiency, help enterprises to accelerate the growth, for external, it can improve the image of the enterprise, meeting tablet usually contains the comprehensive office, conference room, product exhibition hall and other places.

  1. Differences in application software

Teaching all-in-one machine is mainly in the field of education, equipment generally with intelligent teaching platform, meeting tablet all-in-one machine positioning is a business conference, so, its own software will be given priority to with the needs of the meeting, such as office software, screen software, remote video software and many around the use of small programs, for example, timing, check-in, welcome interface, etc.

The above content is the introduction of the difference between the all-in-one conference machine and the all-in-one teaching machine. The intelligent conference tablet uses more scenarios, meets more needs, and adapts to more industries, including the education industry.But the education all-in-one machine cannot replace the smart conference tablet in many ways.In fact, both teaching all-in-one machine and conference all-in-one machine are on the basis of the electronic whiteboard innovation of a variety of functions to achieve, projector, computer, advertising, document editing, TV, etc., to our life has brought great convenience.

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