Overview of the core functions of the capacitive touch query all-in-one machine

Touch query all-in-one machine believe everyone is not strange, generally used in shopping malls, parking lot, exhibition hall, exhibition center, shopping center, mainly provide users with maps, location query, but also can play documents, animation, pictures, video, audio, web information, weather forecast, live video content, very powerful, capacitive touch query what contains the core function of specific, then overview for you.

  1. Powerful background management system, through remote centralized and unified management of all terminals, without manual access to the site, save manpower and material resources.
  2. Support all IP networks, including LAN, wide area network, ADSL dial-up broadband, wireless network and other network environments, and can realize cross-network segments and wide area network applications.

Touch query information release system all-in-one machine (hd touch advertising machine / touch digital signage) characteristics:

  1. Supports remote switch, automatic / manual switch, restart and other functions, and can monitor the terminal in real time with one key at the management terminal.
  2. Have strong scalability and maintainability.
  3. Support 480P / 720P / 1080P standard playback.
  4. Desture and elegant appearance; beautiful and elegant shape; streamlined shape, strong modern sense.
  5. The system of the all-in-one machine can smoothly watch a variety of media information, documents, animation, pictures, video, audio, web page information, weather forecast, live video, personalized editing pages, and each page establishes interactive links.Unmanned operation can set custom time return, hd touch advertising machine advantage is to support 480P / 720P / 1080P system; support remote switch, automatic / manual switch, restart, and one key can monitor the terminal in real time; with strong scalability and maintainability; dignified appearance is elegant; beautiful and elegant main functions customized HD touch advertising machine, touch interactive advertising machine.

6,178 degree perspective, perfect visual effect.The viewing Angle of touch query machine is one of the main items of elevator floor display.While we can view the CRT display from various angles, the elevator floor display (LED) must be viewed directly in front to get the best visual effect.If viewed from other angles, the brightness becomes ens (fading), color changes, and even some products change from positive to negative.

  1. Touch and query the all-in-one signal acquisition board, and the more powerful elevator multimedia display displays various operating states of the elevator in real time (upper and lower floor display, overload, fire fighting, maintenance, driver and other signals, and can access accessible signal sources according to customer requirements) to replace the original LED display.Elevator signal wiring access supports parallel, serial, CAN protocol interface, etc. (can be customized according to user requirements).

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