Which one is better than traditional blackboard or multimedia teaching

Which one is better than traditional blackboard or multimedia teaching?The traditional teaching of blackboard writing has the disadvantages of large consumption cost and relatively single teaching method.Smart blackboard teaching has many advantages of quick convenience and strong visibility in the actual operation process.

Which one is better than traditional blackboard or multimedia teaching?The traditional teaching of blackboard writing has the disadvantages of large consumption cost and relatively single teaching method.Intelligent teaching has many advantages such as convenience and strong visibility.

Disadvantages of traditional teaching:

  1. The monotonous traditional teaching forms affects the formation of students’ innovative thinking

Due to the fixed time and place in the teaching process, teachers must complete the teaching content within the prescribed time and ignore the cultivation of students’ innovative thinking.In this process, the blackboard is the main medium of teaching, but the blackboard white is difficult to stimulate students visually, but will make students feel visual fatigue, even in hearing, always is the teacher’s voice, it may make students feel boring teaching process, knowledge received in a passive state, thus affect the formation of innovative thinking.

  1. Traditional teaching is tedious in lesson preparation, and teaching is more tiring

Traditional teaching can lead to a heavy workload for teachers.In the process of lesson preparation, due to the rapid update of teaching knowledge, various teaching materials emerge in an endless stream.Teachers not only need to consult a large number of textbooks, but also need to design every link of the teaching process, leading to an increase in the time cost of teaching costs.Moreover, in the teaching process, teachers not only need oral teaching, but also need to write a large number of handwritten blackboard books, which also leads to the physiological fatigue of teachers.

  1. Traditional teaching affects the play of teaching effect to a certain extent

In traditional teaching, blackboard plays an important role, and it is also the main carrier for teachers to impart knowledge to students, but the knowledge taught within 40 minutes of a class is very limited.If added to other factors, such as the back row students can not see the font, will also affect the quality of teaching.

Advantages of multimedia intelligent blackboard education:

  1. Good interactivity

Online education provides a good interaction between teachers and students.Teachers can keep in contact with students through email and effectively, help students to answer questions that they do not understand in class, discuss questions with students, and form interactive learning.

Teachers can even talk to their students.As their good teachers and good friends, they can listen to their children’s voices and listen to their students’ comments with an open mind.Network teaching is no longer teacher-centered, classroom-centered, but student-centered.

  1. E-teaching can effectively improve teaching efficiency

Teachers can make the teaching content, teaching syllabus and this section into electronic courseware before teaching, which not only greatly saves the time for teachers to write on the board, but also more clearly shows the images and videos to students, which can increase the amount of teaching information in a short time.Not only that, teachers can also use the rich network resources to improve the courseware, add an active atmosphere for the classroom, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students.

  1. E-teaching has distinct characteristics of The Times

Since the 21st century, mankind has entered the electronic information age.From this point of view, electronic teaching well meets the needs of the development of The Times.From the teacher’s perspective, this teaching method has rich and diverse advantages in the process of data collection.With many channels and large capacity, it objectively cultivates teachers’ ability to collect information.From the students’ point of view, it is very colorful.Each subject knowledge cross each other, multi-level, all-round teaching methods are easier to expand students ‘career, enrich students’ extracurricular knowledge.

  1. E-teaching helps to enrich teachers’ teaching methods

E-teaching technology cannot be mastered and perfected in a few days.In this process, teachers need to complete the gradual transformation from traditional blackboard teaching to electronic teaching, or even cross-alternative teaching methods.This enriches the teachers’ teaching methods to a certain extent.

The emergence of intelligent blackboard has enriched the course interaction for students. By scanning the classroom QR code to join the course, text, pictures, video and other forms of information can be sent to the electronic screen connected to the wechat public platform interface. Teachers can modify and mark the information on the basis of these information in real time.At the same time, the teacher’s blackboard writing on the blackboard is synchronously displayed on the electronic screen, and the students can take real-time screenshots through the mobile terminal, and save the teachers’ writing on the blackboard, which is a trend of multimedia teaching in the future.

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