What benefits does a touch all-in-one machine bring to practical teaching

In the past, the traditional single teaching mode was centered on teachers, books and classrooms, forming a one-way situation of one-way indoctrination and passive acceptance by students. Therefore, students as cognitive subjects were always passive acceptance of knowledge in the whole teaching process, and students’ learning initiative was ignored or even suppressed.

Touch all-in-one machine can vividly, vividly and intuitively display pictures, text, video, sound, animation and other content, effectively stimulate students with a variety of senses, so that students can fully perceive information and receive information under the inspiration and guidance of teachers.Then combined with the discussion, use known information to solve problems, to achieve knowledge transfer, so as to really bring information into their own knowledge structure.

Using LCD touch machine can turn pages forward or back, making the teaching more flexible, can spontaneously choose teaching content according to the classroom situation, convenient and quick touch operation; it can simplify key and difficult points, deep and abstract into concrete, making students easy to accept, understand quickly, grasp and deep memory.In the classroom teaching, the teachers can use the functions such as drag, amplification, pull the screen, searchlight, effect animation and so on to display the key and difficult points, so as to concentrate the students’ attention, deepen their understanding of knowledge, and improve the teaching efficiency.

Touch all-in-one machine also has the computer function, teachers can timely use of a variety of resources, whether music, video, or poetry arithmetic, can directly use the network resources teaching, rich and colorful.

FVASEE infrared touch all-in-one machine is a modern teaching and high-definition demonstration interactive terminal integrating large-screen LCD HD display, interactive electronic whiteboard, multimedia demonstration, video conference, network transmission, speaker power amplifier and other functions.As a well-known touch all-in-one machine brand, FVASEE has been committed to providing more high-quality and efficient products for front-line education workers, and realizing the deep integration of information technology and practical teaching, which has been recognized by the majority of users.

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