What operating system should the wall-mounted advertising machines choose

In the new media era, the role of advertising machine is particularly prominent.Wall-mounted advertising machines can be seen everywhere in public places, thus attracting the attention of the audience, and as brand marketers, they can achieve the desired results.In today’s intelligent terminal has been so developed in the situation, the advertising machine is no longer just a display screen, generally will have a built-in intelligent operating system.Vision China Electronics will describe how the wall-mounted advertising machine can choose the operating system below.

The mainstream smart operating systems are Google’s Android system and Microsoft’s Windows operating system, as are wall-mounted AD machines.With either the Android or Windows operating systems, you can do the following functions:

  • Connect with the Internet, and generally use the wireless network more often.After networking, the system and advertising content can be updated, thus reducing the cost of update and maintenance.
  • Set the timing automatic switch and off.Different from other intelligent terminal devices, the advertising machine needs to have the timing automatic switch function to play the advertising content in a large flow of people.
  • Install the applications.One of the advantages of smart wall-mounted AD machines is their ability to install more applications to display AD content.
  • Show off the other pages.The wall-mounted advertising machine can serve as a multi-function display device to play what the administrator wants to display.In addition to commercial advertising, public service advertising, news and information, weather forecast and so on are often broadcast by advertising machines.

The smart wall-mounted advertising machine produced by FVASEE Institute is equipped with Windows and Android, two mainstream operating systems, easy to operate and easy to use.Horizontal installations is generally for Windows, while portrait is for Android.Android operating system can download a large number of Android market apps, Windows can browse the web and surf the Internet, specifically according to the installation scenario.


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