The difference between the LED advertising machine and the LCD advertising machine

Advertising machines can be seen everywhere in our life, subway, bus stations, shopping malls, buildings and so on, you can see advertising machines, there are many kinds of advertising machines, you can combine up to understand.

LCD and LED are two of the many types of advertising machine, but many people can not distinguish between the difference between these two advertising machine, the following will explain the difference between LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine:

  • what is the LCD advertising machine?

LCD advertising machine is usually said of the LCD advertising machine, LCD structure is placed in two parallel glass liquid crystal, two glass has many vertical and horizontal small wires, through the electricity to control the rod crystal molecules change direction, the light refraction to produce a picture.

  • What is an LED advertising machine?

LED advertising machine is a utility model of consumption frontier dynamic advertising information release media, the light source in the ball is a super high brightness of the large perspective LED (light-emitting diode) array.

Built-in microcomputer chip processing by personal computer editing and stored in memory after the graphic information, according to very precise timing constantly light and extinguish the specific LED point, at the same time in the dc brushless motor driven by high-speed rotation, under the action of the visual eye phenomenon, the user want to magically appear and suspended in the ball of 360 ゜ of visual space.

  • The difference between LED and LCD

The difference between LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine is mainly in the display, LED brightness is relatively strong, far view is very clear, suitable for outdoor; LCD brightness is not as high as LED, close look is very clear, suitable for indoor.The display effect of LED is not as strong as LCD, and LCD can achieve HD.More importantly, LED is thinner than LCD, making it more convenient to achieve various extreme structural appearance requirements.

To sum up, LED display and LCD display, LED in brightness, power consumption, visual Angle and refresh rate, are more advantages, it can be seen that LED advertising machine and LCD advertising machine is very different.


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