21.5-inch wall-mounted picture frame network advertising machine new listing

FVASEE brand 21.5-inch wall-mounted picture frame network advertising machine is a new product mainly through retro style and wooden frame decorative frame, combining the existing LCD advertising screen products and wooden frame into one, which can not only achieve decorative effect, but also Can carry out corporate branding, and video advertising picture playback. The large screen of the eye-catching picture frame advertising machine broadcasts videos such as brand image advertisements and business information in real time.

  1. Frame material: imported white wood, solid wood, high density, and the wood has its own leaves holes, with natural thermal expansion and contraction, to prevent the deformation of the outer frame. The frame is framed with special wood glue and three-layer stitching and sealing to ensure the perfect fit of the corners.
  2. Timing switch: support timing automatic switch, and support multi-stage (three-stage) custom timer switch;
  3. Display technology: support non-destructive gamma anti-glare display technology, presenting a canvas-level realistic display effect;
  4. When wall-mounted, the product should be close to the wall, and the gap should not be greater than 0.5CM; the space behind the product has space for hidden installation of the power cord.
  5. Provide authorization letter and after-sales service commitment letter for digital picture frame advertising machine information release screen hardware manufacturers.

software part

  1. The system is based on the TCP/IP network protocol;
  2. The digital picture frame advertising machine information release screen system supports web content release and update, and the system supports user management functions and sub-account management functions;
  3. Support OTA remote upgrade;
  4. Support boot animation definition;
  5. Support server/stand-alone mode switching;
  6. Support the product’s own Wi-Fi hot spot
  7. Real-time remote monitoring, system crash self-recovery, 7*24 hours unattended;
  8. The original ecological Android system, open root permissions, can be customized for product development
  9. Mobile phone unified information release management, support mobile terminal release programs, and the software realizes that at least 4 windows can be displayed at the same time in regional split screen (including picture window, video window, text window, background music window), each area can be enlarged Zoom out and drag anywhere.
  10. When there is no network, when converting the stand-alone version, it also supports publishing programs on the mobile terminal;
  11. The background of text and clock is transparent by default, so you can add video/picture as the background of text/clock first;
  12. Support adding two video areas at the same time, that is, supporting two videos playing at the same time.
  13. With device lock function, set electronic password to unlock.
  14. Multi-screen synchronization: the content of multiple screens is the same, and the playback progress is the same;
  15. Release record: You can view the task release record of the device;

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