What kinds of black screens are there in outdoor advertising machines?

Due to the terminal users’ lack of understanding of the outdoor LCD advertising machine, the black screen phenomenon is usually referred to as the following situations:


  1. It is necessary to confirm whether the mains supply of the machine is normal.


In some cases, it is because the power supply to the outdoor equipment has tripped, or other things have disconnected the power supply. However, when the user sees that the screen is not displayed normally, it will feedback that the machine is black. This situation is very easy to deal with. After finding the power-off point, after coordinating and communicating, power on the machine and it can resume normal use.



  1. Check the screen display, whether it is caused by backlight.


Another part of the situation is that the constant current board used for the equipment has a long service life, or the constant current board of the high-brightness LCD screen fails, resulting in regular partial backlight failure. This phenomenon will also mislead users to report the black screen problem to you. This problem may be due to the poor contact of the backlight power supply line or the fact that the constant current board is faulty and needs to be replaced. You can deal with it accordingly.



  1. The motherboard is faulty, causing the screen to not light up.


Another part is that the motherboard failure causes the screen not to light up, the screen does not display the picture, but the sound played is normal, and the motherboard drives the screen to light up the signal, so the screen does not work, which will also cause the user to report the black screen problem. This problem is dealt with for the motherboard and can be solved immediately.



  1. Unprofessional manufacturers design defects.


The other is the so-called black screen phenomenon in the industry, that is, due to the unprofessional manufacturer, the cooling system is not in place when designing the whole machine. As a result, the heat inside the device cannot be discharged to the outside, but instead accumulates heat inside. The temperature is too high, exceeding the upper limit temperature of the liquid crystal molecules of the liquid crystal screen, and an irregular black screen phenomenon appears on the screen. Such problems should be dealt with by adjusting the fan speed or setting the temperature. If it still can’t be solved, it can only re-produce the machine and replace it. It is recommended to choose a professional outdoor advertising machine manufacturer, and the quality is guaranteed.



  1. It is related to the use of setting time.


Some users have set the machine to have two working hours. It works normally from morning to noon, and starts at about 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon. However, due to the temperature at noon, the device does not work and the internal cooling system does not work, resulting in a higher internal temperature. high. When the machine was turned on in the afternoon, the LCD screen could not work normally due to the high temperature, resulting in a black screen phenomenon.

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