Fault analysis and maintenance method of outdoor advertising machine screen

How to solve the problem of using the machine?


There are roughly the following screen conditions: white screen, blurry screen, black screen, dark screen, yellowing, white spot, bright line, bright band, dark line, dark band, outer membrane scratch, splash screen, irregular jitter, etc. So how about the failure analysis of the outdoor advertising machine screen?


  1. Cable

There are different wiring methods, common VGA, HDMI, etc., check whether the advertising machine is plugged in tightly, or whether there are curved needles and broken needles on both sides of the advertising machine connector. If the needle is curved, use a hard tool (tweezers, nail clippers, etc.) to gently squeeze , do not be too large; it is best to replace the broken needle with a data cable.


  1. Screen line

The screen cable (also known as the cable) of the internal screen control panel of the advertising machine such as VGA and HDMI is faulty. In this case, it is necessary to contact the corresponding manufacturer to replace the cable.


  1. Motherboard

Some manufacturers of advertising machine motherboards have not undergone strict stress testing, and such phenomena are very likely to occur. You can check whether the chips on the motherboard are overheated? Is the fan working normally? Is the fan blade damaged? How much dust? Is there any burn marks on the capacitor, etc.


  1. Black screen

If the screen of the advertising machine suddenly goes black, please turn off the power in time to avoid a short circuit problem. After opening the back cover of the advertising machine, do you smell burnt, and ask a professional to check the circuit to check whether the entire motherboard, display card, and power board have any fault.



  1. Windows system

If the advertising machine has a flickering screen, you can check whether the graphics card is inserted tightly in the way of a conventional computer, and try to adjust the screen refresh rate to upgrade the graphics card driver, etc.

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