What is the difference between an ordinary monitor and an all-in-one teaching machine?

With the increasing maturity of display technology and touch technology, LCD screens have changed from ordinary displays to displays with touch functions, and then to Windows+Android dual-system touch teaching all-in-one machines, bringing great convenience to teaching.In the past, the electronic equipment used by teachers was to project the content on the projector through the computer, and then display it on the screen, but now teaching and education do not need so many auxiliary equipment, only one teaching all-in-one device is needed, then the ordinary display and teaching What are the differences between all-in-one machines? The following is a small series of FVASEE to introduce to you.


What are the differences between an ordinary monitor and an all-in-one teaching machine:

  1. Different functions.

The teaching all-in-one machine can have a built-in independent OPS machine, which can be disassembled and installed. The screen can be operated like a computer. Without a computer, it can be applied to Android like a mobile phone.

In addition, the touch all-in-one can only input computer signals, and the input signals are relatively simple. Wireless projection is also possible.Finger touch operation. Two-way control of computer and touch all-in-one machine, etc.The touch all-in-one can also write intelligently. As a whiteboard, the writing content can be erased with the back of the hand, which is more convenient and practical.

  1. Different application fields.

The size of the touch-type teaching all-in-one machine is 55 inches. 65 inches. 86 inches. 98 inches, so the screen size is small, and it is generally used in small conference rooms, schools, training institutions, etc.

The application fields of splicing screen mainly include conference rooms, exhibition halls, video monitoring rooms, etc. It can be said that the LCD splicing screen is generally selected if the screen exceeds 100 inches.

  1. The screen size is different.

The size of the touch teaching machine is 55-98 inches, and it is only a single screen. If a larger size is required, multiple screens can be arranged together,then, by connecting the screens, multiple screens can display the same or different content, but the gap in this splicing method is relatively large.

The size of the splicing screen is about 46-65 inches, and the size of the horizontal and vertical splicing screens can be used. For example, the size of a 6*4 46-inch splicing screen after splicing is 1104.Generally, the size of the screen is designed according to the user’s viewing distance, installation space and use environment.

  1. The display effect is different.

The advantage of the teaching touch all-in-one machine is that it can display 2K resolution and 4K HD resolution seamlessly. But the premise is that the input signal source is 4K, and the screen displays 4K effect.If the screen resolution is 4K, but the input signal source is 2K, the display effect is 2K. Therefore, the display effect of the touch all-in-one machine is the same as the input signal source, and the display resolution is the same.

The LCD splicing screen has higher brightness, better white balance and richer colors. But it will affect the overall appearance, because there is a splicing gap between the screen and the screen.

  1. Different categories.

Like the traditional PC, the touch teaching all-in-one machine is composed of electronic components such as touch display, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card and so on.

LCD splicing screen is divided into curved splicing screen, LCD splicing screen, plasma splicing screen, DLP splicing screen, transparent screen, etc.If the signal source of the computer is input into the splicing screen, auxiliary materials such as splicing processor, central control HDMI matrix, HDMI splitter, and HDMI splitter are required.

The above content is an introduction to the difference between an ordinary monitor and an all-in-one teaching machine. The all-in-one teaching machine integrates a computer, a tablet, a TV, a whiteboard, a projector, and a sound system. The keyboard can be operated.It can also download various teaching software, conference software, etc. It can also be used for school teaching conferences, conference training, remote video conferences, information inquiry, etc.


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