How to make the LED advertising machine application screen effect better

When it comes to LED advertising machine, let us first think of the effect of the application screen, the display effect is not good, no matter how well you do it elsewhere, it is difficult to be convincing.In addition, in recent years, in the large market of LED advertising machines, the application market of outdoor advertising machines has expanded rapidly. In our opinion, a large part of the reason is that in addition to the growth of outdoor advertising market demand, LED advertising machines Product innovation and value enhancement are also a factor.

Therefore, LED advertising machine has always been a combination of function and effect, and the two are indispensable.The excellent picture quality and picture performance of an LED advertising machine will be very eye-catching in any place outdoors. At the same time, only the coexistence of reliability and high picture quality is the truth of the decisive battle in the market.So, the question is, how to make the LED advertising machine application screen effect better?

1.High brightness

Brightness is actually a very important application parameter of LED advertising players. Only high brightness can make LED advertising players perfect for viewing and experience in outdoor applications.At the same time, if the brightness of the LED advertising machine is not high, then in the daytime, the outdoor light is higher than the brightness of the screen, then the application screen of the LED advertising machine is completely unclear, so how can we talk about the vivid picture?

  1. High definition

The LED industry has never been inseparable from the word high definition, and the LED advertising machine is no exception.

  1. Refresh frequency

The refresh rate refers to the rate at which the screen of the LED advertising machine is updated. The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the screen display, the smaller the visual flicker, and the less tired the human eye is.The refresh frequency of most models of FVASEE LED advertising machines reaches 1920Hz, which is not only high-definition, but also more stable and reliable for outdoor applications.

In general, the application screen problem is a long-term technical problem in the field of LED advertising machines.At present, LED advertising machines have a high application index in business circles, high-speed toll station renovation, streets, scenic spots and other fields. Therefore, LED advertising machine manufacturers can only improve their products if they are perfect in terms of quality, parameters, craftsmanship and other details. The application advantages of various aspects highlight the important role of LED advertising players in outdoor applications.

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