Advantages of vertical LCD advertising machine application in airports

With the development of mobile Internet technology, the information age that has been turned upside down has been pushed to the level of nuclear explosion. In addition to the sharp increase in information content, new demands have arisen for user experience, communication and interaction, and precise positioning. A perfect platform for displaying information, interactive communication and flexible marketing, it is quickly favored by many industry users and even individual users.The airport is a place with the largest flow of people in the world. Different people from all over the world pass through this place every day, which brings various opportunities for airports and airlines and enterprises, as the focus of digital signage LCD advertising machine. There are many application methods of LCD advertising machine in the airport application to bring different user experience to users.

The vertical LCD advertising machine has the functions of airport navigation and flight inquiry. In order to prevent people from being delayed in the plane or confused about reaching the predetermined location because of the unfamiliarity, the LCD advertising machine can display flight information or place a touch-screen all-in-one machine for people to check and log in. You can also check the airport map and route guidance.The vertical LCD advertising machine can display the security information related to the airport, making it more attractive, so that everyone can remember the information and better maintain the security of the airport.

The advertising opportunities offered to airports through vertical LCD advertising machines are astronomical, and it all depends on the large number of people who come in and out every day.These people usually have a longer time to sit and try to find something to kill the time waiting for the flight.With that in mind, if you can create engaging content, people will notice it and remember the information you’re trying to get them to remember.By providing text, images, video and sound, it is possible to capture large audiences and convert them into paying customers.

The airport LCD advertising machine is also a rare atmosphere adjustment tool. Waiting at the airport is unavoidable. This seemingly leisurely but actually boring blank time can easily lead to boredom and affect the travel mood if it is not adjusted.With the help of the LCD advertising machine system, the airport can enrich the waiting time of passengers by broadcasting current affairs, entertainment news, etc., and, more importantly, the airport LCD advertising machine can integrate popular social media, and “Twitter control”, “” Wechat Control” interacts in real time, and shares the interactive information in real time through the big screen, showing the human touch of airport operations.


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