What are the differences between a touch-based all-in-one machine and a computer?

With the continuous development and improvement of touch screen technology, many advanced touch equipment products have been derived, and the —— touch electronic device product, produced by the perfect combination of touch screen and computer all-in-one machine, is undoubtedly one of the best.Touch all-in-one machine according to different functions according to the application place, also can be called teaching touch all-in-one machine, query touch machine, display touch all-in-one machine, conference touch machine and other calls.So what are the differences between a touch-based all-in-one machine and a computer?The following FVASEE to introduce to you.

What are the differences between a touch-based all-in-one machine and a computer:

  1. Appearance:

Ordinary computer products touch all-in-one computer, desktop computer or notebook computer, the common size of 11-42 inches, are generally used on the desktop; and touch machine broke the size limit, size of 17-98 inches, display wall hanging, floor, mobile and so on.

  1. Configuration:

Ordinary computers are basically LCD screen, host, coupled with the operation needs to use the keyboard and mouse, notebook words, it is to combine these several kinds of together.The touch all-in-one machine is mainly composed of LCD screen, touch screen and computer host. According to the application requirements, some other hardware devices or external equipment will also be installed.

  1. process:

Ordinary computers to touch the all-in-one machine hardware raw materials of the quality and production process requirements are not very high.And touch all-in-one machine is different, is built in accordance with the industrial requirements, whether the quality of hardware raw materials, installation steps or production process are very strict.

  1. Functions:

Ordinary computers need to use the external keyboard and mouse, while the touch all-in-one machine abandons the mouse and keyboard, after the power, people only need to use their fingers to touch on the screen, you can complete the operation, more convenient, simple and fast.

  1. Application:

The use of the ordinary computer all-in-one machine is generally home or office.And touch all-in-one machine is widely used, is widely used in teaching, conference, display, query and so on.

The above content is the introduction of the difference between touch all-in-one machine and computer. At present, the touch screen on the market mainly includes resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic touch screen and infrared touch screen.Each touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages.When choosing, you should combine your own use environment and the advantages and disadvantages of the touch screen to choose the touch screen suitable for your own products.

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