What advantages does the touch teaching integrated machine bring to the teaching?

The upgraded demand for terminal teaching conference services has led to the rapid development of the touch teaching all-in-one machine market. Especially now, affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, the global demand for intelligent interactive products has increased significantly.Touch teaching all-in-one machine integrates multimedia LCD hd display, computer, electronic whiteboard, audio playback and other functions, orderly integration, convenient and simple operation, support multi-touch, sensitive response, more convenient to use, so what advantages does the touch teaching all-in-one machine bring to teaching?The following FVASEE to introduce to you.

What advantages does the integration of touch teaching machine bring to the teaching:

  1. Interactive all-in-one touch machine

At present, many electronic devices pay attention to man-machine collaborative interaction, and the teaching of intelligent electronic devices should pay attention to the intelligent teaching mode of man-machine collaborative learning and induction learning.This interactive induction teaching mode can improve the interaction rate between teachers and students in the classroom, and break the one-way transmission mode of traditional teaching.Touch teaching machine has a large number of built-in teaching resources such as animation, ancient poetry, children’s songs, puzzle games, etc.

With these illustrated video resources, children are easier to accept.After all, the children have a vague idea of the new things, and the illustrated videos give them a new understanding of the new things.This teaching model makes them easier to accept.Children can play and learn while learning, which not only makes them have fun, but also allows them to learn more knowledge and exercise their practical skills.

  1. Make knowledge easier

When students encounter problems that they do not understand, teachers can query the relevant information online by touching the teaching all-in-one machine.Or the teacher converts the difficult knowledge points, themes, theorems, etc. into electronic data, and then lets the students clearly check the difficulties through the preschool education whiteboard.When the students click on the difficulty, the difficulty will jump accordingly to the corresponding figure, line, or video, so that the students can have a deeper understanding.

  1. Training display

Teachers can also break the psychological gap between teachers and students through interactive preschool education whiteboard training or displaying teaching content.Or interact with teachers and students in other schools through remote video to allow students to accept the teaching methods from different schools and have a new understanding of knowledge.Or teachers do remote video through the preschool education whiteboard, and let other teachers teach students through video teaching.

The above content is the introduction of the advantages of touch teaching all-in-one machine brings to teaching, as a new modern educational means, touch teaching all-in-one machine to comprehensively help teaching ability, improve students’ attention, so that students can be put into learning.The teaching integrated machine also integrates the teaching auxiliary tools of various disciplines, a large number of teaching resources, rich course learning, so that teachers can convey more high-quality content to students, make the teaching explanation more vivid, students can learn more knowledge points.

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