The development history of the Car advertising machine

With the development of science and technology, more and more new things appear in front of people, and more people begin to constantly find and accept emerging products.The LCD advertising machine is a new form of advertising media appearing in the digital age today.It is different from the past print media, radio, television and the Internet today, and is known as the “fifth media”.

2002: The appearance of the car advertising machine

Since the first on-board advertising machine appeared on Shenzhen buses in 2002, the LCD advertising machine began to develop and rise like bamboo shoots, and by 2007, it has reached a high scale and popularity in coastal cities.

2010: The emergence of HD LCD advertising machine

In 2010, the LCD advertising machine has been developed into the most popular hd and ultra-thin advertising equipment, into the major cities in China

2011: The rise of the online version of the LCD advertising machine

In 2011, the LCD advertising machine has ushered in a new generation of product change, and have launched the digital, Bluetooth and HD network and other new concepts, and a large number of applications in various fields.

Why can LCD advertising machines develop so fast?

The development of LCD advertising machine cannot be separated from its function, it can timely convey the company promotion information to customers, create a good purchase atmosphere, form the store perception to stimulate magnetic field and promote purchasing power, the first time conveniently, quickly release relevant benefits, in the fierce competition; not only that, LCD advertising machine can also achieve cost lead for the enterprise or brand, network, TV and other advertising costs in seconds, and LCD advertising machine only need a hardware cost can achieve 24 hours online brand promotion.

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