Overview of large shopping mall applications for touch-screen advertising machines

Touch screen advertising machine can be seen in large department stores, as a crowded public place, has always been a place for businesses with huge consumption potential, but also contains endless advertising opportunities.In addition to many advertising companies have come to occupy the treasure land, more and more shopping malls have also gradually realized the value of their own media assets, and began to dig into this treasure.However, the existing store LCD TV broadcast generally has management inconvenience, less information content and poor communication targeted, etc. In this situation, the Internet new media based shopping mall touch screen advertising machine information release system has become the upstart of today’s shopping mall advertising broadcast.So touch screen advertising machine manufacturer information release can be put into large shopping mall applications?

Touch screen advertising machine application chain store door: a LCD vertical advertising machine placed in the store door or store, used to release welcome words, chain store environment, surrounding traffic guide and other conditions.Touch screen advertising machine application of the shopping mall entrance marketing screen (or promotion): in the shopping mall can be placed in different places according to the size of the point of 1-2 LCD vertical advertising machine.It is used for brand introduction, video advertising, promotional information, emergency notice in the shopping mall, so that customers can have a better understanding of consumer goods and have a relaxed and good mood.Improve the image level of the whole shopping mall.Touch screen advertising machine application of the store publicity posters: make posters of related promotional activities, broadcast through the LCD vertical advertising machine, can uniformly manage and update the content of the LCD posters in real time.Customer experience center of touch screen advertising machine application: to simulate the customer experience of enterprise products in the actual application environment, and customers can easily choose the use effect of different models of enterprise products in different application environments.Customer experience can be applied in home furnishing, home decoration, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom and other industries.

Touch screen advertising machine information release system can be managed by the mall itself, according to the needs of the mall and the requirements of suppliers, independently edit and broadcast content, such as mall promotional video, mall activity promotion, mall emergency notification, as well as video and text advertisements of various suppliers.This way can not only enhance the corporate image of the shopping mall, improve its network and information management level, but also make the shopping mall receive a considerable amount of advertising broadcast costs, achieve advertising revenue, and maintain an advantageous position in the competition.


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