The popularization of smart blackboards effectively promotes the fairness of online educational resources

Teaching resources are an important support for high-quality implementation of courses. Building high-quality and systematic online teaching resources is the key to the high-quality development of education in the new era.

From a national perspective, due to the objective existence of urban-rural differences, regional differences and inter-school differences, the quality development of urban-rural, regional and inter-school education is not balanced. Through the construction and sharing of high-quality online resources, we will solve the imbalance in the development of urban-rural, regional and inter-school education, and continue to help achieve education equity for the whole people and the whole people.

The emergence of smart blackboards has created opportunities for the standardization and system construction of online educational resources. FVASEE Smart has launched a smart blackboard in recent years, and the FVASEE full-memory smart classroom interactive blackboard has also launched a knowledge map function.

This product has built-in classroom knowledge collection software, which can be the voice of classroom teaching, ppt courseware, and blackboard writing to collect micro-class resources without perception. These micro-class resources will be automatically sliced, and the classroom content will be edited into a separate knowledge unit, accurately classified into knowledge maps , all teachers can participate in the knowledge map inside and outside the classroom at any time, help the school to establish a subject knowledge map system, and realize the construction of school resources. For students, they can learn through online knowledge maps, fill in the gaps anytime and anywhere, and master knowledge points more effectively.

In addition, FVASEE intelligent classroom interactive blackboard also has built-in FVASEE whiteboard software, which provides a powerful auxiliary work for the teaching of various subjects. For example, experiments are often required in physical chemistry and other disciplines. The whiteboard software breaks through the space limitation, conducts experiments anytime and anywhere, performs virtual operations through data calculation, has very high security, and saves expensive chemicals and physical experimental equipment.

In primary and secondary schools, the FVASEE intelligent classroom interactive blackboard has become the most important assistant in the classroom. Great changes have taken place in the quality of teaching, classroom efficiency and students’ learning experience. With the help of the FVASEE intelligent classroom interactive blackboard, teachers can easily call various interesting interactive tools and teaching resources to keep the classroom relaxed, active and efficient.

FVASEE Smart Blackboard has always adhered to the road of educational technology innovation and has steadily ranked among the top ten smart blackboards. In education reform, FVASEE has seen the direction of future educational equipment reform and will focus on classroom innovation to make teaching more interconnected, open and free.

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