Self-service ordering advertising machine | “Good Helper” for Operation Management of Catering Industry

When dining out, we often see that the traditional way of ordering food in many restaurants is to wait in line for manual ordering. There may be problems such as slow meal retrieval, and the phenomenon of wrong or missed orders may occur when the feet are in a hurry.As we all know, one of the most important points of restaurant operation is not to make customers wait too long, so improving the efficiency of ordering has become the primary task of restaurant operations.

As the saying goes, if a restaurant wants to operate well, advertising is indispensable.

The menus used by many restaurants are still traditional paper menus. Paper menus are easy to be damaged or lost. When the information such as dishes and prices need to be revised and updated in the future, when special nodes want to launch preferential package advertisements, then the store can only advertise The printing company recreates the menu, which is expensive and slow.

With the advancement of technology and the rapid development of mobile payment, catering stores have ushered in an era of intelligent transformation, adapting to the needs of the market and the public, self-service ordering advertising machines are “blooming everywhere”.

If you walk into a McDonald’s, KFC or Burger King, you can see that these restaurants have installed self-order advertising machines. So, what are the benefits of self-service ordering advertising machines? Why is it so popular with fast food brands?

Self-service ordering advertising machine, it breaks through the traditional manual ordering / cashier and paper color page menu advertising operation mode, and redefines the new mode of fast self-service ordering + advertising broadcast marketing.

  1. Intelligent self-service ordering/automatic cashier, saving time and labor.

The self-service ordering advertising machine subverts the traditional manual ordering and cashier mode to the way that customers themselves complete the ordering, automatic payment, and printing of receipts. The efficient and convenient way of ordering food reduces the pressure of queuing and reduces the waiting time of customers, which not only improves the operation efficiency of the restaurant, but also effectively reduces the labor cost of the store.

  1. It is “easier” for customers to order independently

The human-machine self-service transaction does not require manual intervention in the whole process, providing customers with sufficient time to consider and choose, and no longer need to face the double “urging” pressure from store staff and queuing people. For those who are “socially phobic”, self-service and social-free ordering is simply not too good.

  1. The back kitchen directly docks the order, and does not miss the order

After the customer places an order by himself, the order data is directly synchronized to the back kitchen, and the back kitchen prints it directly, which greatly reduces wrong orders and missed orders.

  1. Intelligent management system, multi-function interface, simple operation

The self-service ordering system can integrate ordering, cashier, membership, and sales data into one machine, without the need for clerks to place orders, cash out, check membership cards and enter accounts.In addition to saving manpower, the management system can also help the store to collect and count data. From the system, you can learn about the store’s most popular dishes, packages, and customer consumption levels,and make targeted product, sales, operation and other strategic adjustments.

  1. Customize the advertising screen and update the advertising picture at any time

The self-service ordering advertising machine is not only a self-service ordering machine, it is also an advertising machine. It supports poster, video ad rotation. When the machine is idle, it will automatically broadcast various promotional information and new product advertisements, etc., to promote brand communication and stimulate purchasing power.

If you need to replace the advertising pictures or videos, or launch promotional offers or specials during festivals, you don’t need to manually update them. You only need to modify the settings in the background. There is no need to reprint new menus and increase additional printing costs.



With the rapid development of science and technology, the intelligent and digital process of catering stores is also accelerating. Self-service ordering advertising machines have indeed brought a lot of convenience to catering stores, effectively improving the comprehensive operational efficiency and benefits of catering stores. It is foreseeable that in the future, self-service ordering advertising machines will be widely used in more and more catering stores.

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