What are the features of a good smart conference tablet?

A good conference tablet can promote the efficiency of corporate meetings and accelerate the informatization and digital transformation of enterprises. Before purchasing a smart conference tablet, it is best for users to try the product for a period of time. In real application scenarios, the functions will be clearly presented. So, what are the functions of the smart conference tablet?

  1. Screen sharing experience

A high-quality screen projection experience means that there is no need to spend time connecting and transmitting, and content sharing and presentation become easier. This requires the conference tablet to have a wireless screen sharing function, which can support the one-click projection of the content of mobile phones and tablet computers to the conference tablet. At the same time, it can realize the synchronization of sound and picture, and it is best to support the screen to be able to scan the code at any time, save it and take it away.

  1. Video conferencing experience

With the growing demand for remote collaboration in enterprises, remote conferences have become one of the important aspects of conferences. Therefore, whether to support remote one-click initiation of multi-party conferences determines whether the conference tablet can promote enterprise efficiency.

  1. Multifunctional

Functions such as whiteboard writing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing are essential functions of a conference tablet, and a good-quality tablet will keep improving these basic functions. The traditional conference whiteboard has problems such as unclear display, limited writing space, and difficulty in content modification. Therefore, the improvement of writing and display functions is the most basic.

  1. Compatible with all equipment

Whether it is a smartphone, tablet computer, or traditional laptop, content can be transmitted to the conference tablet; and two-way operation between the PC and the conference tablet can be realized.



  1. Multi-control touch: smooth writing: developed with infrared sensing technology, fast response, multi-touch, multiple people write at the same time, can be zoomed in, zoomed out, and can be wiped by hand.
  2. Remote video: The smart conference tablet is generally equipped with a remote conference video system. No matter where the participants are, they can realize cross-border and cross-regional meetings in real time.
  3. Multi-person interaction on the same screen: Using wireless transmission technology, users can realize wireless screen projection without projecting through a data cable.
  4. Clear picture quality: Most of the conference panels used in the conference panel use LCD screen + operating system mode, with high resolution, true color reproduction, and the screen can be seen clearly without turning off the lights.


In the process of getting started, you can feel the differentiated experience of different products from the details of the three major functions of whiteboard writing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing.


What other conference tablet functions do you know?

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