Can the historical opportunity of the rise of “home appliance system” change the new round of “brand” pattern of education tablet?

From the projection whiteboard, to the interactive tablet, and then to the LCD blackboard, the education multimedia market is entering a new round of ‘brand’ pattern adjustment period!”

The traditional educational multimedia application mode is to do “the standard classroom to do addition”!The significance of educational LCD blackboard is that it “directly changes the application mode of standard classroom”.

That, the rise of the LCD blackboard is “interactive touch and large screen display” technology progress on the basis of the blessing, but more important is depends on “education multimedia” in the process of education “status”: in recent years, the quality of multimedia digital lesson plan content, quantity and application increased, especially since the new outbreak in 2020, greatly promoted the development of education process “digital, information” —— electronic lesson plans, electronic lesson preparation, electronic teaching has become the “real mainstream trend”.

When the classroom teaching main technology into “digital and information”, also means that the traditional multimedia equipment “on the side of the students ‘vision, add a multimedia screen” become not “suitable for” —— education LCD blackboard is directly integrated into the traditional “blackboard” space structure, is located in the middle of the students’ field of vision, can let all the students are as far as possible a better view.This point is particularly in line with the “digital” as the core of the new teaching model.

Therefore, the explosion of the LCD blackboard market in 2021 is not “the luxury consumption of a few schools with abundant funds”, but the “inevitable requirement” of the future “standard” -classroom ” multimedia equipment application pattern.The essential difference between choosing the traditional projection whiteboard, interactive tablet, or the LCD blackboard lies in whether the school has taken a decisive step in the “teaching digitalization and informatization”; whether the school highly supports the “digitalization and informatization teaching content” in the teaching process.

The rapid development of the LCD blackboard market since 2020 has also changed the competition pattern among the industry brands.In particular, color TV enterprises show “great importance to new opportunities and a series of advantages in competition”.

Industry research believes that the growth of LCD blackboard products is still in the fast track.There are three main reasons for this.One is that the above mentioned “information” education era, the necessity of LCD blackboard.

The second is the large size LCD and touch control products in the cost reduction channel.Especially since the second half of 2021, the price of 85 / 86-inch LCD panels has fallen, almost driving up the annual education LCD blackboard market accounted for 5 percentage points.Using large size display and capacitive touch control of the LCD blackboard, is obviously the “advanced goods” in the commercial display products.The falling price of advanced products determines the impact of product popularization.In this respect, 85 / 86-inch LCD panels and touch products, the cost of a large room to fall, is also in the core price decline channel.The third is that both educational interactive display and pure educational display equipment have the trend of “large-scale”.For example, in 2021, educational LCD whiteboard shipped 910,000 units, up 1.2 percent year on year.However, 214,000 units were shipped at 75 inches, up 7% year on year; 420,000 units were shipped at 85 / 86 inches, up 23.4% year on year, with the market share up 8.3 percentage points; and 98-inch product growth doubled.—— is 55 / 65 inch market share fell sharply, large size became the mainstream: although with the high share of LCD blackboard 85 / 86 inches and above accounted 87.7%, LCD whiteboard 85 / 86 inches accounted for only 45%, but the traditional LCD whiteboard / interactive plate large size trend is very obvious.


This creates a problem: a large, capacitive touch LCD whiteboard / interactive tablet will not cost “much less” than the LCD blackboard.In other words, not only the price of large size LCD and capacitive touch screen lowers the absolute price of LCD blackboard; the large size of LCD whiteboard and interactive tablet also lowers the relative price of LCD blackboard. With —— and the rigid demand of “information, digital” teaching, the LCD blackboard can grow in the future.Short-term market to maintain rapid growth is a high probability thing.And the high increment is naturally the opportunity of emerging brands, color TV brands, is the opportunity of the market pattern change.

Whether it is the scale trend within the industry or the scale trend outside the industry, the “enterprise in the business display industry is becoming more and more giant”, rather than the traditional “fine professional brand development model of subdivided professional fields”, which will inevitably bring “comprehensive competition pressure from the brand end” to the LCD blackboard market.

The LCD blackboard industry is facing a comprehensive scale of competition from the “whole business display”, “and even the whole display market”: this means that either small brands to achieve their own growth and growth, or big brands to bring down the blow.

To sum up, the growth climax of the education LCD blackboard market is facing the rising trend of the color TV brand as the “changing educational multimedia latecomer power”.In the education interaction market, the growth of LCD blackboard is not only the replacement of a new category to the existing category, but also may change the status of manufacturers and brands.

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