The application value of FVASEE multimedia teaching integrated body in the classroom

With the rapid rise and wide application of electronic touch devices, the traditional multimedia classroom teaching mode has gradually been unable to meet the needs of today’s teaching use, so the multimedia teaching all-in-one machine came into being.It has been proved by practical application that compared with the traditional teaching mode, the application of the integrated teaching machine can transmit information more vividly and vividly, and effectively improve the efficiency of teaching and learning.


The teaching all-in-one machine is different from traditional computer products. It is an integrated design, integrating LCD screen, touch screen, computer host and other hardware into a stylish shell. According to different installation methods, there are mainly wall-mounted, embedded, mobile three types. The new teaching mode can improve students’ interest in learning and make up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching.


Below, I will give you an example to explain how the FVASEE teaching all-in-one machine reflects the application value in the classroom:

  1. Scenario guidance to stimulate interest: In the classroom, the all-in-one teaching machine displays bright apple blossoms and delicious apples, and tells students that in order for apple blossoms to bear fruit, they must go through two important processes, that is, pollination and fertilization.So how is pollination performed? How is fertilization performed? Today we will discuss this issue together. This kind of guided class aroused students’ strong interest, and they entered this class with curiosity about plant flowering, pollination, and fertilization.
  2. Key demonstrations and breakthroughs in difficult points: In the focus of pollination methods, the teaching all-in-one computer software uses flash animation to combine the two processes of self-pollination and cross-pollination, the process of pollen scattering from the anthers of the stamens and falling on the stigma of the pistils Exquisitely displayed. The whole process is intuitive and simple, and the difficult and difficult knowledge is simplified and invisible, which arouses the students’ strong interest in learning, leaves a deep impression on the students, and greatly improves the learning efficiency.
  3. Emotional guidance and natural transition: Facing problems, let students discuss, and teachers take the opportunity to guide them. Every bloom is a bloom of life. During the flowering and pollination period, if the temperature is too low, strong wind, drought, continuous rain, air pollution, etc., will lead to insufficient pollination and poor flower development.So that it affects the gestation of new life, it can be seen that the process is not easy and life is hard. Therefore, we must cherish life, care for flowers and plants, raise the awareness of caring for flowers, plants and trees, and successfully achieve the goals of emotion, attitude and values.
  4. The answers to the questions are presented in a standard way: the exercises that the students do according to the guide manuscripts, after their independent study and communication, basically have a clear outline of the answers, and then present the answers on the big screen, so that the students can familiarize themselves with it. Note the standard answer. In this way, it is fast and direct, as well as vivid and clear. It saves time and improves efficiency.


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