More than a little bit stronger than TV, FVASEE F98 leads the era of 100-inch large screen

Nowadays, whether it is for commercial use or home use, large-screen display has become the general trend. FVASEE officially launched the HS-F98 commercial display large screen to meet users’ higher and greater expectations in different scenarios.

Different from home TV, which can only meet the needs of watching movies, FVASEE 98-inch commercial large screen is equipped with two systems of Andrios8.0+Windows10, which is currently exclusive in the industry. What is the use of a large screen with two systems?

F98 display, screen projection, everything is omnipotent

In terms of configuration, FVASEE F98 commercial display large screen comes with Android 8.0 system, which is the UI interface of FVASEE characteristics when opened, and there is no boot advertisement. Using IPS hard screen, the display effect is better than ordinary screen. 3840×2160 ultra-high resolution, the picture is real and delicate, the image is lifelike, the color is rich and natural, bringing a hugely different ultra-clear picture quality experience.

Not only the display effect is good, the FVASEE F98 commercial display large screen supports wireless same screen, supports wireless screen projection of mobile phones and computers, no need to wait for debugging, one-click audio and video synchronization, supports four-screen display, and data comparison is clear at a glance.

In addition, there is no need to install the driver, plug and cast, directly take DP video signal, 5GHz high-speed network, no frame loss, clearer screen projection, and the screen delay is reduced by 30% compared with ordinary screen projectors. It is used for screen sharing and data display in meeting scenarios, which is convenient and fast.

Have you ever seen a powerful dual-system, 98-inch giant-screen computer?

Plug in a pluggable OPS computer, and this large screen can become a giant-screen computer, enabling one-key switching between Android and Windows systems. The large storage of 8+128GB brings professional office mode, large professional software runs smoothly and smoothly, and plays on a large screen like a computer.

By connecting an audio and video terminal and downloading the video conferencing software, you can achieve a better and more professional audio and video experience of the conference, and start a video conference with one key, making remote communication easier and multi-party collaboration more efficient. Buying a FVASEE F98 commercial display large screen can realize giant-screen conferences and large-screen office work, which is more than a little more powerful than home TV.

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