FVASEE multimedia teaching all-in-one machine

With the reform and development of basic education, information technology has become the most influential high-tech and has been widely used.It is profoundly changing the traditional education mode, especially in the field of early childhood education, children can directly use the China Television Multimedia Teaching All-in-One Machine to carry out various interactions such as painting, writing, listening to songs, dancing, and playing games. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of children’s independent learning.Today’s information technology has penetrated into early childhood teaching, greatly promoting the modernization of educational technology, and opening up a new path for student training in the new era. The integration of information technology and subject teaching, so that it can cultivate students’ innovative spirit and promote students’ all-round development to achieve effective results, is the only way to realize the leap-forward development of basic education; , the diversification of forms, the interactivity of activities and the initiative of learning have won the favor of many teachers and students.

In the past, the appreciation of pictures in Chinese classes required collecting a large number of pictures and related slides. In lectures, a large number of oral explanations are required, teachers are afraid of the content, and students often hold an unwelcome attitude to dull appreciation.Using the FVASEE multimedia teaching all-in-one machine, the appreciation effect in the Chinese class is greatly improved. Teachers operate on the electronic whiteboard the CD-ROM or file containing the data of appreciation materials. When they are shown to the students, the representative works of a certain writer and the introduction of his life will appear in front of them.Not only can you see the whole picture of the work, but you can also zoom in on the part for observation. Students are in the classroom, but they can break the boundaries of time, space, and region, galloping at home and abroad, across ancient and modern, strolling in the poetry and promenade, flying in the imagination space, and aesthetic education resides in subtle influences.

Piaget once said: “Children do not passively receive knowledge, nor passively accept environmental stimuli, but active people, his activities will be dominated by interest.”In daily life, people often say: “Interest is the best teacher”, and the FVASEE multimedia teaching all-in-one machine has the characteristics of rich sound, audio-visual integration, dynamic and static interlacing, and strong appeal. It integrates text, sound, image and graphics.Its good role in processing graphics, animation, video and audio can meet the needs of students’ audio-visual senses to a large extent, better stimulate students’ interest in learning, and produce good learning effects.

With the continuous advancement of education modernization in schools, the application of FVASEE multimedia touch teaching all-in-one equipment has gradually entered the classrooms of kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and universities, and has also quietly changed teachers’ teaching methods and students’ learning methods.FVASEE multimedia touch teaching all-in-one machine will greatly improve the efficiency of teachers’ classroom teaching, and make classroom teaching in the new era more intuitive and efficient.

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