Introduction to the functions and advantages of FVASEE catering self-service ordering touch screen integrated machine system

FVASEE self-service ordering touch-screen all-in-one system has attracted much attention since its birth. For the catering industry, this is a brand-new O2O service mode, moving offline restaurants directly to online, saying goodbye to traditional telephone ordering and chaotic records Copying the order by hand saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and the daily turnover can be checked at any time in the business background, and the WeChat self-service ordering system will also bring some value-added services, such as the setting and increase of marketing activities, about attracting old customers and There is a great temptation to excite potential customers.

Function introduction:

  1. Self-service ordering function: The software system completes the self-service ordering function.
  2. Third-party payment function: the self-service menu can complete payment by UnionPay card, WeChat, Alipay and other methods.
  3. Cash payment function: use cash for self-service menu payment, and can complete change.
  4. Printing function: printing buffet list, printing sales receipts.
  5. Advertising function: advertisements are played cyclically, and the headquarters of the online version will handle the same back-office, and chain publicity.
  6. Self-service function: automatic switch machine can be customized.


Advantages introduction:

1; Manpower saving Manual ordering is transformed into a 360-degree rotatable tablet computer at each dining table, customers can order food by themselves, inquire about dish information, place an order, and pay with a card, without the need for waiters to operate the whole process. While customers enjoy fast service, it saves 30%-50% of restaurant human resources.

  1. Improve turnover and brand image WeChat self-ordering can attract customers to have a better experience, increase customer flow and popularity, customers self-ordering, and the kitchen displays the ordering status in real time, which can greatly shorten the ordering time and serving time, and improve the overall improvement. Turnover rate; in addition, members can directly query member’s preferential information on the tablet to increase the member’s activity.
  2. Reduced operating costs The powerful WeChat self-service ordering system has changed the traditional ordering mode and saved capital investment; data consumption can be effectively reduced and operating costs can be reduced.
  3. Improve the service WeChat self-service ordering system can not only eliminate the phenomenon of human error and missing orders, but also shorten the waiting time of customers, and also allow customers to understand member information and enjoy member discounts; the service system can be used to enjoy the whole process of intelligence The perfect experience.

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