Bank hanging ultra-thin dual-screen advertising machine application

FVASEE double-screen hanging advertising machine has only two-layer structure in appearance design, and has an unimaginable thin and light body (the thickness of the double-screen whole machine does not exceed 50MM), FVASEE is equipped with double-sided screen , save more space for users and refresh the media playback experience.In terms of picture quality, the double-sided advertising machine has a high-brightness LCD function (300-700cd/㎡ optional), which makes the image more vivid and bright, and the color makes the content of the picture lifelike. It can also be viewed in high-definition under the sun, and it is the first choice for advertising.

Double-sided double-screen advertising machine brings users a double-sided media playback experience. Whether in banks, business halls, chain store windows, exhibition halls, or event sites and other places with large public flow, this hanging double-screen advertising machine can provide users with more intuitive information.It has a dual-screen mode, that is, dual-screen simultaneous display or different display, one motherboard can do it, the background directly controls the playback, the operation is simple, and the information is switched quickly.The double-sided display performs well in the utilization of space and time. It is conceivable that many back-to-back advertising machines will be replaced by the FVASEE double-sided advertising machine in the future.

Usually in the bank, the placement of the double-sided screen display window hanging network LCD advertising machine is relatively uniform, with sizes ranging from 43 inches, 49 inches, and 55 inches.Because before the birth of the double-sided LCD advertising machine, the traditional light box was placed in the bank window, but now the double-sided LCD advertising machine has been completely replaced.

Double-sided window display is a new type of multimedia information release commodity, which is used for advertising information inside and outside the street window.Compared with the ordinary light box poster screen, the content is rich, the display is high-definition and bright, and the display content is updated in a timely and convenient manner.

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