The benefits of elevator wall-mounted advertising displayer placed in various places

In today’s era, the elevator wall hanging advertising machine you should have seen, shopping malls, apartments, companies, hotels, ktv and so on is generally an elevator place can be seen everywhere, as one of the most frequent media of city life contact, favored by many advertisers, become an important tool of advertising marketing, achieve growth.The average elevator no less than four times, take the elevator boring time, elevator advertising machine is the only consumption stimulus.Its viewing is mandatory and customer initiative, and its advertising is impressive.When taking the elevator is boring, there will also be a visual demand, and the appearance of advertising pictures will directly become the visual focus.At the same time, I was also exposed to the media advertising, and the repeated viewing frequency is very high.Can help customers to do product promotion, improve brand awareness, sales increase substantially.

Communication value of elevator wall-hanging advertising machine: complementarity; elevator advertising machine is an organic combination of dynamic audience group and static advertising content, it can make up for the shortcomings of the existing TV and newspaper and other traditional media, and maximize the comprehensive information communication effect of advertising.Persistence; because the elevator advertising machine is placed in the elevator passenger car door, so that the advertisement spread to every ladder of the personnel, there is no omission.The close advertising impact many times every day can deepen the public’s lasting memory of the advertising picture.Have attractive advertising content; elevator advertising content should have creative display or magic brainwashing, the primary purpose of advertising to remember, groups can not remember all the content, will only remember the most prominent point, this is the memory point in the advertising, as long as the advertising content has such a memory point, then the advertisement can effectively deepen the impression.

Choose precise user groups; first, we need to find customer groups is our marketing goal. According to the elevator advertising of office buildings, commercial complex industrial parks, commercial complexes, office buildings, and schools, hospitals, etc, different customer groups are affected, so we should identify our precise users and choose the corresponding elevator scene.For example, food, education, home appliances, daily chemicals and other family groups, more suitable for choice covering the community ladder media advertising.Because the elevator advertising machine is placed in the elevator passenger car closed inside the elevator door, so that the advertising picture immediately transmitted to every person in the ladder, there will not be any leakage.Many times a day, the close screen advertising impact, deepen the audience’s lasting memory of the advertising screen.At the same time, contact with the media advertising, its repeated reading frequency is very high.Can help customers to fight positional war, do product promotion, quickly enhance brand awareness in the city, sales doubled.

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