Is the Android System Touch Screen Advertising Display Stable?

FVASEE Android advertising player integrates high-definition LCD screen, infrared touch screen, Android box and more functions in one display. We invented new technologies, pioneered new manufacturing processes, and created more possibilities in a smaller space!


Android touch screen advertising display, a seemingly ordinary “Android industrial board”, but inserted in the advertising display, the vivid picture effect is displayed in front of you. In China, the Android industrial board system is selling well in the Guangdong advertising display industry. People in the industry believe that the advertising display with the perfect combination of Android system and touch screen has begun to appear in the commercial chain of medium-sized businesses, and the reasons why the advertising display of Android system and touch screen have become mainstream in the advertising machine market are various and complicated, which can be summed up as follows:


  1. The advertising display with Android system is cost-effective.

Compared with the traditional advertising machine system, the free and open source Android system saves the system copyright fee for the merchants first. Secondly, the Android system is based on the linux kernel, with good support for WIFI/3G, multi-touch mode, and a large number of free Android applications in the market, which reduces the cost of merchants again.


  1. The stability and security of the advertising display with Android system.

The Android advertising display is the most important part of the stability of the advertising display system. In order to ensure the uninterrupted display of information and continuous operation for a long time without crashing, such a system should also be concise, efficient and targeted. Android system is an innovative product that combines linux kernel and hardware multimedia decoding. It concentrates the high efficiency of multimedia hardware decoding and the advantages of networking and intelligence of the android system. It minimizes the factors that cause system instability.


  1. The advertising display of the Android system is highly customizable.

FVASEE advertising display integrates the high efficiency of multimedia hardware decoding and the networking and intelligence of the Android system. Compared with the traditional advertising display, the Android system advertising display can be optimized to be as simple as possible, and can focus on realizing the functions of the advertising display, which not only improves the efficiency, but also minimizes the factors that cause system instability. Android pays more attention to the user’s visual and operational experience, and is more suitable for the development of applications such as advertising machines that emphasize multimedia display effects and attract attention. Moreover, because most android programs are based on cross-platform software (java) development, compared with windows program development, the development cost is reduced. Difficulty, shorten the time to market of the application. This is also the reason why android is accepted by the majority of users. And with the rapid development of the Android system, it is no longer weaker than the programs under the Windows system in terms of applications

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