Three Functions of Infrared Touch all-in-one PC

With the increasing development of science and technology, various contact skills are constantly being improved. As far as the most popular capacitive touch screen and infrared touch screen are concerned, the capacitive touch screen cannot be made large-scale product due to the influence of technical factors, and the infrared touch screen just makes up for this vacancy. The infrared touch all-in-one PC is also widely favored by users due to its many advantages such as simple operation, flexible response, sturdiness and durability. It is widely used in all walks of life, whether it is a dark karaoke room or a field place under direct sunlight.


Although the infrared touch all-in-one PC is widely used in all walks of life, its advantages and characteristics can be divided into the following points:


First, detection and positioning

The key to the touch screen technology of the infrared touch screen lies in the performance of the sensor, and the sensor is the primary component of the contact inquiry machine, so the quality of the sensor directly affects the performance of the touch screen. There are many types of sensors on the market now, and the infrared touch screen sensor uses infrared technology, which is relatively more reliable. In addition, the sensor and positioning processing of the touch screen directly determine the stability, reliability and service life of the touch screen.


Second, the absolute coordinate system

The traditional mouse adopts a relative positioning system, and the second click is related to the position of the previous click. However, with the development of contact technology, the current infrared touch screen basically adopts the absolute coordinate system, where you need to control where you need to control, and there is no relationship between each positioning and the previous coordinate orientation. It is faster and more convenient to use and more useful than the relative positioning system. And the data of each contact of the infrared touch screen will be converted into coordinates after calibration, so the output data of the same point of this set of coordinates is very stable in any case. Moreover, the infrared touch screen displayed by FVASEE can effectively overcome the shortcomings such as drift and is worthy of trust.


Third, transparency

Because the infrared touch screen is composed of multi-layer composite films carefully, its transparency directly affects the visual effect of the touch all-in-one PC. However, the measurement standard for the transparency of the infrared touch screen is not only the quality of its visual effect. In the actual acquisition process, it is necessary to draw conclusions based on its clarity, transparency, reflectivity, and color distortion.


From the above points alone, the correlation between its various elements is not strong, and it gives the impression that the touch all-in-one PC can be used normally without the same contact. Although the above three points are not strongly related, they are indispensable reference conditions when it is enough to buy an infrared touch all-in-one PC. As long as the touch all-in-one PC can meet the above points is a qualified product for going out. Only the infrared touch all-in-one PC selected in this way is trustworthy.


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