What are the application areas of interactive whiteboard?

Nowadays, the interactive whiteboard is no longer an unfamiliar product. It appears around us anytime and anywhere, and is closely related to our lives. The interactive whiteboard integrates the functions of the computer host system, integrates all the functions of the TV display, and of course the touch function that can be input and operated. At the same time, combined with advanced multimedia production tools, there are common multimedia interactive software, text, images, animations, high-definition video, audio and other functions. So what are the application areas of the interactive whiteboard?


First, for classroom use

  1. With one finger, you can touch the course you are taking on the interactive whiteboard, it’s an human-computer interaction;
  2. The large screen is used for teaching in the classroom. Teachers can easily teach without using blackboards, chalks and blackboard erasers. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the blackboard and eating chalk dust. E-learning, environmental protection, more health;
  3. The interactive whiteboard can play full high-definition, which can effectively protect the eyes of students, and there’s no radiation like mobile computers. You can record the whole process during class, and you can repeat the review and playback of the recording and video after you go home.


Second: for conference room use

  1. Corporate meeting: no projection, no computer required;
  2. Large-screen Internet access experience, no mouse, keyboard, zoom in and zoom out web pages, look at pictures, watch videos;
  3. Interactive whiteboard with full HD, without seeing the projector, and the symptoms of eye discomfort.


Third, for kindergarten use

The application of interactive whiteboard in kindergarten: It can make children more interested in new teaching equipment, just like watching cartoons at home, and the learning atmosphere is naturally much better. The interactive whiteboard not only supports basic operations such as handwriting input and clearing, In addition, it also comes with teaching aids and resources for different subjects such as geometric figures and mathematical symbols, which can meet the timely needs of different content teaching, which is convenient and fast; the teacher only needs to tap, and the required teaching content will be displayed on the large-size LCD screen.


Fourth, for commercial field use

Banks and other financial institutions (business inquiries at points), telecommunications (in-room business inquiries, experience in-room business), government agencies (public information release, government affairs disclosure), fashion (new products) reception rooms or conference rooms (introduction, exhibits Exhibition), exhibition hall and venue design (event venue layout), automobile 4S (car model display), furniture and art (display), cinema (movie trailer and film appreciation), real estate sales hall, chain real estate agency window (unit type and landscape effect) Display), office buildings and apartment halls and other fields that we can also use the interactive whiteboard.


The above content is an introduction to the application fields of the interactive whiteboard. Compared with other digital signage and kiosk display, the interactive whiteboard has the advantage of being convenient and convenient to use. A power cord can be started, so it is more convenient to install the interactive whiteboard, which is very suitable for use in public places. And the interactive whiteboard supports high-definition display, it can also play various advertisements, movies and other video files, and is connected to input devices such as keyboards and mice through wired or wireless means, which is as convenient as an ordinary computer to use.

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