Introduction of Interactive Flat Panel

An interactive flat panel refers to a computer that integrates the host computer, touch screen and LCD screen, and can be started with only one power cord. It is an interactive computer used in business. Many friends may feel unfamiliar when they hear the name of the interactive flat panel. In fact, most of us have used the interactive flat panel in our lives, such as the music query monitor of KTV, the number fetching machine of bank, and the touch screen advertising digital signage of shopping mall etc. So what are the functions of the interactive flat panel?


  1. The interactive flat panel adopts high-definition display, which is perfectly presented. 3840*2160 4K utra high-definition picture quality, the software is all based on vector graphics in image processing, with high compression, no distortion, and bright and realistic colors.


  1. The interactive flat panel adopts an anti-light decay circuit, and the interface can automatically adjust the brightness. Anti-light decay circuit can effectively prevent performance degradation due to long-term work. The screen’s brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the environment to achieve the ideal display effect.


  1. The interactive flat panel is customized to realize multi-point agile touch according to the user’s usage habits, and is more committed to smooth writing by multiple people, and the window scene interactive writing is natural and smooth. Moreover, the plug-in computer module is adopted, without any extra wires, which is simple and beautiful.


  1. The interactive flat panel can realize multimedia display and demonstration functions, remote collaboration functions, and remote video conference functions. Participants from different places are in the same room, multimedia teaching, and the meeting process is more smooth. However, this requires the installation of a third-party APK to achieve this. If necessary, we will directly install and debug it for customers.


  1. The interactive flat panel adopts a user-friendly interface and has strong compatibility. Flexible control window interface, multi-touch, simple operation with both hands, you can zoom in, zoom out, rotate the picture, it’s easy and simple.


The above content is an introduction to the functions of the interactive flat panel. Nowadays, no matter you are walking in shopping malls, banks, restaurants, etc., the interactive flat panel is very popular. The interactive flat panel itself is an integrated design that not only saves space, but is also easy to carry and move. The fuselage integrates a variety of equipment functions, and no external equipment is required for normal use. In the four fields of teaching, conference, exhibition and consultation, the interactive flat panel can provide people with efficient and convenient services and assistance.

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