How to solve the problem of interactive whiteboard can not be touched ?

As a multimedia teaching device, the biggest advantage of the smart interactive whiteboard is that it has human-computer interaction performance. If the FVASEE interactive smart interactive whiteboard loses the sensing function, it will be no different from the ordinary blackboard. The common reasons for the phenomenon of touch failure mainly include the following:


  1. If there is a connection problem, check whether the USB cable of the smart interactive whiteboard is loose or whether the cable itself is damaged. Just look at the power supply indicator light after it is connected, or the icon on the taskbar does not show that the USB connection between the computer and the whiteboard has been disconnected. , indicating that there is no problem with the connection.


  1. Check whether the driver of the smart interactive whiteboard is successfully installed. After installing the driver, perform the positioning and calibration operation, and then you can perform precise touch.


  1. When the computer antivirus software or the system firewall prevents the mouse pointer from being used, the writing on the writing board in the software may be blocked, or the driver of the interactive whiteboard is incompatible with the computer system.


  1. According to the interactive smart interactive whiteboard sensing technology, it may be the fault of the sensing component or the board surface. In this regard, you need to contact the manufacturer and have professionals to solve it. If it is an optical smart interactive whiteboard, you need to use an electromagnetic pen to perform touch operation on the board surface, and check whether the battery of the electromagnetic pen is sufficient.

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