How to install FVASEE touch all-in-one interactive flat panel ?

Nowadays, the FVASEE interactive flat panel has become a hot electronic equipment product in the market. With its stylish design, convenient touch operation, and powerful functional applications, it has won the favor of consumers. When we walk in crowded places such as airports, hotels, banks, schools, etc., I believe that everyone can see the figure of the FVASEE interactive flat panel, whether they are big or small, they have brought us convenience in many aspects. So how should the FVASEE touch all-in-one interactive flat panel be installed correctly?


  1. First, take out the machine and place it in a stable position, waiting for the next installation. Some people use the FVASEE interactive flat panel and want to hang it on the wall, and some want to install it on the base. There are many people using the base, so you can directly screw on the base screw to check if it is loose, so as to prevent potential safety hazards when using it.


  1. Install the base, and the large FVASEE interactive flat panel can be used normally. In addition, some FVASEE interactive flat panels have external antennas, so they must be installed before they can be used online. Because the host parts of the FVASEE interactive flat panel are all in the fuselage, there is no need to install them separately. A power control switch, it can be used normally when it is powered on.


  1. After the large FVASEE interactive flat panel is installed, there may be dust and fingerprints on the screen, which can be cleaned and wiped before use. Do not use materials that damage the screen, you can use a special spray to clean it. However, when cleaning the screen, be sure to keep the power off, so as to be safer. Usually, you should also pay attention to the screen wiping work, because the frequency of use and everyone’s touch operation will make the screen blurry, which is not conducive to observation and use. At the same time, it is also to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on it and cause cross-infection, so cleaning is still necessary.


The above content is an introduction to how to install the FVASEE interactive flat panel correctly. The FVASEE interactive flat panel is widely used in various industries, such as service halls, hotel lobbies, schools, restaurants, KTV, conference rooms, shopping malls and other places. The FVASEE interactive flat panel has an incomparable advantage in public interaction. It not only improves the image of the company and meets the needs of the business, but also makes people’s fast-paced life simpler and more convenient. In the days of digital information, many products have become a habit through the application of touch screen, media communication, and the interaction between the public and the media.

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