How to enable the touch function of FVASEE touch all-in-one?

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the functions of the touch all-in-one machine are becoming more and more powerful, and the traditional electronic whiteboard can no longer keep up with the development of the times, so the development of the touch all-in-one machine is getting better and better, and the people who use the touch all-in-one machine More and more, but for users who use the touch all-in-one for the first time, it is inevitable that they are confused about the operation method and do not know how to operate correctly.


So how does the touch all-in-one turn on the touch function?


FVASEE will introduce to you how to turn on the touch function of FVASEE touch all-in-one machine:



  1. Set the touch program


Ensure that the driver is installed smoothly. The touchpad driver installation does not take too long, and the installation can be completed after a while: restart the computer once after the installation is completed, otherwise the touchpad driver will not take effect immediately.



  1. Restart the computer


After restarting the computer of the touch all-in-one computer, we click the “Show Hidden Icons” small triangle button in the lower right corner of the task, right-click the touch screen  icon in the pop-up icon panel, and select the “Mouse Properties” command: in the opened “Mouse Properties” In the dialog box, switch to the “Tap” tab, where you can set the response speed when double-clicking the touch screen as needed in the “Tap Speed”.


  1. Set the touch control of the touch all-in-one machine


Then, we switch to the “gesture” tab of the touch query all-in-one machine:


Similarly, you can set the functions you need here as needed. Generally, we will add “Specify the right corner” and “Use the horizontal scroll function”: Then, under the “Other” tab, we can set whether to display the taskbar The lower right corner displays the touch screen all-in-one setting icon (that is, the icon that we right-clicked at the beginning). It is not recommended to set it here: after the setting is completed, click the “OK” button to save the settings, and touch the related settings of the all-in-one computer. will take effect immediately.


The above content is an introduction to how to turn on the touch function of the touch all-in-one machine. The touch all-in-one machine is used in many industries, mainly including: banks and other financial institutions, telecommunications, government agencies, shopping malls, fashion goods flagship stores, company reception rooms or conferences Room, exhibition hall and venue design company, automobile 4S store, furniture and art franchise store, cinema, real estate sales hall, office building, teaching and other fields.


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