Why can conference tablets replace projection?

Conference tablet is a kind of conference equipment that has only begun to rise in recent years. This device takes conference tablet as the main body, with wireless screen transmission, intelligent remote control pen, mobile bracket and video conferencing as the supporting accessories, forming a complete conference system.Compared with projectors, conference tablet has a significant competitive advantage, is an ideal alternative to projection equipment, has become the consensus of conference tablet industry practitioners and a large number of users.But what are the advantages of conference tablets over projectors?Why does it inevitably replace the projection?

First, the intuitive effect of the meeting:

The projection screen is blurred, the picture or video is unreal; not bright enough, often need to turn off the conference room lights or curtains to see clearly.The conference tablet screen is usually a 4K screen, with a resolution of 3840 * 2160, slim display effect; Moreover, the conference tablet is a DLED backlight, very bright, do not need to turn on the black conference (lights off and curtains).I am sure that you should have a deep understanding of this more intuitive effect.

Second, compare the meeting efficiency:

Sending the content of files on a computer to a projection screen is a very troublesome task!Use the data cable to connect the computer and the projector, adjust the focus between the projector and the projection screen, the key is to do this work well, or due to the connection or connector problems, not debugging before each meeting for 10 to 20 minutes!During a meeting on a conference tablet, sending files on your computer to a tablet is much simpler.Wireless screen transmission one key to realize wireless screen projection, no connection, no installation and debugging, everyone will use!

Third, compare it from the perspective of intelligent conference:

Projectors often have little smart features, but conference tablets provide effective smart solutions to problems during meetings.For example, the biggest function of the projector is to play the PPT, but the conference tablet is not only a good display, but also provides the touch handwriting function, and the corresponding touch annotation function.With these functions, the entire conference process will become more vivid, deeper, and more thorough.Another example is the projector meeting, participants usually look at the screen, while listening to the explanation, while taking notes, anxious!The key is that the screen is often invisible and the meetings are inefficient.With a meeting tablet, participants can concentrate on the lecture.After the meeting, the keynote speaker generated a QR code on the screen, which they scanned with their mobile phones and took the meeting notes away.One meeting should do everything with one heart, and one meeting should listen attentively.

Fourth, from a maintenance perspective:

Using the projector conference, the light bulb is often broken and needs to be replaced, so one is the cost, the other is the time error is very troublesome; on the conference tablet computer, there is not these trouble.

Fifth, look at it from the price comparison:

The tall conference tablet has almost the same market price, some even cheaper, than the mid-range projector, which may be one of the reasons for the rapid popularity of conference tablets.

From the five aspects mentioned above, it can be seen that compared with the projector, the meeting tablet has good effect, many functions, strong performance and similar price, forming an overwhelming cost performance advantage!Therefore, conference tablet replacing projection is a market-oriented and trend.

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